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The Days of Our Lives Winners & Losers Pages

Our Picks for DOOL Best & Worst of 2017!

by Michele & Cheryl

Week Of 4/16/18


Vivian was our heroine this week. She put the sanctimonious Maggie in her place. Maggie judged Vivian for trying to get Lucas to drink. Maggie needed to mind her own business. Someone needed to tell Maggie about how nosy she is because she is in everyoneís business.

JJ was willing to be there for Lani when she was at her doctorís appointment. He told her that she wasnít a bad person. He also told her not to hate herself since he knew what it was like to make a mistake. It was good of him to tell her that since she lied to him about the baby.


Kate was stupid enough to approach Abby/Gabi by herself. We know she tried to call Chad, but she should have waited until he came home before she confronted Abby/Gabi. Kate knew that the dark-haired woman was the one who killed Andre so why would she confront her by herself? Kateís not as smart as she claims to be.

Claire cheated to win the Bella contest. We figured she was going to end up cheating in order to win. On top of cheating, she had to rub it in that she won the contest. Claire was unbearable before the winner of the contest was announced, but now she is even worse.

Stefan raped Abby/Gabi this week. He may not have technically raped her because she didnít say no, but Abby was not in her right frame of mind when she had sex with him. He knew that Abby didnít want him, but he slept with her anyway. The writers are really ruining his character.

Page updated 4/20/18

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