Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/20

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/20


Written By Joseph

Sami complains that no one at the nurses station has seen Allie. Eric finds a note that Allie left that says not to worry about her as she'll be fine but she had to get out because she finally figured out what's best for the baby and it isn't her. Eric then reads that Allie wrote that what she wants is for Nicole to raise her son, leaving her and Sami shocked.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Will is on the phone with Lucas, who is at the DiMera Mansion. Will tells him that he talked to Sonny to try to work things out but he's still pretty angry at him. Will says he will try again after Sonny tells Arianna that she's not getting a baby brother but he doesn't know if Sonny is going to forgive him. Sonny then enters the room.

Belle goes to Marlena's and tells her that Shawn just told her everything going on with Ben. Belle gets that Eve wants to avenge her daughter's death but not kidnap and torture. Marlena tells Belle that Claire is the one who figured out Eve was behind it so she saved Ben's life. Belle can't wait to tell her how proud she is of her. Marlena then informs Belle that Claire isn't here so Belle questions where she is.

At Eric and Nicole's apartment, Claire (now played by Isabel Durant) is babysitting Holly. She grabs a bat when she thinks there's an intruder but it turns out to be Allie.

Eric and Nicole continue searching the hospital for Allie. Sami comes over and tells them that the guard saw a girl matching Allie's description get in to a cab. Sami declares that her little girl is missing and it's all Nicole's fault.

Abe and Kate finish their business dinner at the Brady Pub. Kate says they got a lot done and it didn't even seem like work. They both then reach to pay for the check at the same time.

Will hangs up with Lucas and asks Sonny how Arianna took the news that they aren't getting Allie's baby. Sonny informs him that she totally flipped out.

Marlena informs Belle that Claire is at Eric's apartment since he and Nicole are at the hospital so Claire is babysitting. Belle is relieved, joking that she can't get into any trouble doing that..

Allie questions what Claire is doing here. Claire tells her that she's babysitting Holly and asks what she's doing here when she just had a baby and asks if she shouldn't be with him. Allie responds that she came to get her passport because she's leaving Salem. Claire asks if it's true then that she's really going to let Sonny and Will raise her kid. Allie informs her that was the plan but not anymore because Sami ruined everything.

Nicole argues that it's not her fault that Allie took off. Sami accuses Nicole of working on her and getting in her mind. Eric tells Sami to stop with the insults and accusations when Nicole has done nothing wrong. Sami argues that Nicole has done a lot wrong and brings up her past of stealing babies. Sami declares that she's not going to let Nicole take her grandson.

Kate tells Abe that dinner is on her. Abe thought it was his treat. Kate says he gave her a raise so it's her treat. Abe asks what the catch is but Kate says there's not one. Abe thanks her and says he'll see her in the office tomorrow. Kate then says he could come home with her which Abe questions at first but Kate clarifies that the contract he wanted to see is at home. Abe admits it is on the way so he agrees.

Will tells Sonny that he has to make this right. Sonny tells him it's not that dire. Will says that he said Arianna flipped out. Sonny clarifies that Arianna assumed that not getting a new brother meant she wouldn't be getting a puppy but he assured her that's not the case. Sonny admits that Arianna is fine that they aren't getting the baby, but he's not.

Eric tells Sami that Nicole never planned to take Allie's baby. Sami argues that one day Eric will realize that Nicole is a two-faced snake but right now she has to go find her daughter. Sami storms off. Nicole swears to Eric that she had no idea Allie would do this. Eric knows neither of them did and he's sorry about Sami going so hard at her right now. Nicole says she's used to it but she's just concerned about Allie. Eric brings up that they didn't finish reading the letter and suggests finishing it to see if there's any clues to where she is headed.

Marlena tells Belle that Claire was so pleased that Eric and Nicole asked her to babysit. Belle says it shows they trust her and Claire's been trying to prove she is trustworthy. Marlena knows it's been a rough time for her. Belle says she knew all along that Claire was innocent from sabotaging the wedding. Marlena says it's been hard on everybody. Belle is ready to put it behind them and get back to Hong Kong where she and Shawn can take care of their daughter but Marlena informs her that she doesn't think Claire will want to do that.

Allie explains to Claire that Sami went behind her back and talked Rafe out of adopting her baby because she wanted Will and Sonny to have him. Claire questions Will and Sonny not getting the baby. Allie tells her that it turns out Will is just as selfish as Sami since he knew what she did and never said a word. Claire knows she must feel so betrayed. Allie adds that Lucas knew and lied to her face. Claire says she's sorry but she can't just take off and leave her baby here. Claire asks if Sami is going to raise him. Allie says that's what she wanted from the moment she found out she was pregnant but she's not going to let that happen. Allie declares that Sami is out of her baby's life and hers. Sami then knocks on the door, asking if Allie is inside.

Abe and Kate go to the DiMera Mansion to look over a contract. Abe admits it looks good and they toast their drinks to that. Lucas comes in so Kate greets him and asks if Will and Sonny appreciated his gift. Kate explains to Abe that Lucas gave the boys a stroller to bring Allie's baby home from the hospital. Lucas then reveals to them that there's been a change of plans.

Will acknowledges that Sonny has every right to be upset with him. Sonny cuts him off and says he's heard this before and the excuses. Will knows he screwed up and that what he did was stupid, selfish, and hurtful. Will asks him not to throw away their marriage because of his mistake.

Belle questions Marlena as to why Claire doesn't want to go back to Hong Kong and if she's mad at them. Marlena assures that she's not mad but she wants her life in Salem because it feels like home to her. Belle says she and Shawn want to be with her. Marlena tells her that Claire is not a little girl anymore, she's growing up and is an adult who wants her life to be here. Belle cries that it's a world away from her parents. Marlena encourages that she has family here too and will continue her therapy so she will be thrive. Belle wants to support her as her mother. Marlena assures that Claire is so much stronger than she thinks.

Sami continues knocking and asking if Allie is inside. Allie asks Claire to help her. Claire tells Allie to hide why she gets rid of her. Allie goes to hide in the back while Claire answers the door. Sami asks what she's doing here. Claire says she's babysitting Holly and asks why she's here. Sami explains that she's looking for Allie because she ran off from the hospital and she's been searching everywhere so she thought maybe she came back for her stuff.

Eric and Nicole go back to a hospital waiting room to finish reading Allie's letter. Eric continues reading after Allie wrote that she wants Nicole to raise her baby because she's seen what an incredible mother Nicole is to Holly so she knows her son will be in good hands with them. Allie added that she obviously wants Eric to raise the baby too since they are married so it's a great package deal. Allie continued that the plan was for Will and Sonny to raise her child but Will broke her trust and Sami broke everything by ruining it all like she always does.

Allie listens in while hiding as Claire tells Sami that she doesn't understand why Allie would leave her baby at the hospital. Sami argues that Allie hasn't been making good decisions since getting pregnant and complains about Nicole turning her against her. Sami says she is not going to stand by and let Nicole raise her grandson. Sami starts to look around and tells Claire that she's going to see if Allie is hiding from her or if she left a clue as to where she's going. Claire stops her and tells her she can't.

Lucas explains that when Allie found out Sami convinced Rafe not to adopt the baby, she freaked out. Kate says she told him that secret would come out. Abe questions Kate knowing what Sami did. Kate says that Lucas had a terrible poker face. Lucas says he feels awful about keeping Allie in the dark and if he could do it over again, he would make better decisions and Will would too. Kate says Sami forced Will to keep quiet. Lucas says it doesn't matter as Allie won't let her brother adopt the baby. Kate feels bad for Will and Sonny since they were really looking forward to adopting another child. Abe suggests they could apologize to Allie. Lucas says the problem with that is that Sonny had no idea since Will kept quiet so the whole adoption is blowing up in his face and it looks like his marriage is too.

Sonny thought their marriage was over when Will was in prison and asked for a divorce then after months of hell, they found out Will wasn't responsible for the accident that killed Adrienne so they were free to live their lives together. Sonny feels Will is taking that for granted or else he wouldn't treat him this way. Sonny questions how Will could risk everything they have. Will argues that he wanted a child for their family so bad that he put aside his best judgment to get it. Will assures that he's learned from his mistake and swears that will never happen again. Sonny tells him that if he really means it, he'll forgive him because he knows he's a good person and he's made his own mistakes. Sonny knows this mistake was all about doing something out of love for them and Arianna. Sonny adds that he loves Will so much. Will says he loves him and they hug.

Belle guesses she's been so focused on everything that could go wrong with Claire that she hasn't seen everything that's gone right. Marlena encourages her not to be hard on herself. Marlena suggests Belle give Claire her blessing to stay. Belle decides they could honor Claire's wishes to stay here but maybe she and Shawn can also stay for a bit to make sure she's really okay. Marlena loves the idea and hugs her.

Eric continues reading Allie's letter which says she knows who she wants to raise her child but she hasn't said why. Allie wrote that what impressed her about Nicole was that she listened to her concerns and let her make her own decisions without trying to control or manipulate her. Nicole offers to continue reading what Allie wrote about Eric. Allie wrote that Eric has so many qualities a child would want in a father and he has compassion and understanding. Allie wrote that's why she is completely confident that they are the people to raise her son. Eric knows this wasn't a random decision as Allie took a lot of time to think about it. Nicole brings up mentioning earlier that they should adopt a brother or sister for Holly so maybe this is meant to be.

Sami questions what is the matter with Claire as she wants to see if her daughter was there. Claire argues that she's been in the apartment all afternoon so she would know if Allie stopped by. Sami points out that Allie can be sneaky but Claire insists that Allie could not come in without her knowing. Claire doesn't want Sami waking Holly. Sami says she will leave when she's ready. Sami brings up that when Allie went into labor, they rushed out fast so maybe she left something that she'll need to come back for. Claire tells Sami that she's wasting her time and that gives Allie more time to get away. Sami notes that Claire seems very tense. Claire says that Nicole told her not to let anyone in. Sami argues that she is Claire's aunt and Allie's mom. Sami adds that she's not going to let Nicole get her hands on her grandson as she storms out. Allie remains hiding in the back and thinks back to arguing with Sami when she first went into labor. Allie then comes out and tells Claire that it's unbelievable that Sami is still doing everything in her power to screw up her decisions about her baby. Allie is glad she heard all of this because it made her even more sure about giving her baby to Nicole.

Will tells Sonny how relieved he is as he wasn't sure he was going to forgive him and it was torture. Will thanks Sonny and says he's so grateful. Sonny brings up that his mom always said forgiveness is the highest form of love and he thinks she's right. Will promises to make this up to him and wants to start by finding a surrogate but Sonny says that's a little too soon. Sonny thinks there's something a little more important they should figure out.

Nicole gives Allie's letter back to Eric to finish reading the rest. Eric reads that Allie wrote she knows Sami is going to freak when she finds out that she wants Nicole to raise her grandson but this is her decision not Sami's. Allie wrote that she knows Eric and Nicole will welcome their son into their lives the way they welcomed her. Nicole calls it touching that Allie believes in them but points out that she's right that Sami will completely lose it when she hears the rest of the letter.

Allie complains about how Sami talks about her, calling her crazy and sneaky. Claire feels Sami did seem genuinely worried about her. Allie argues that Sami is only worried about Nicole raising her son. Claire asks what she's going to do about it then since she obviously cares about what happens to her baby. Claire says she understands why she would want to run but asks if part of her feels bad about leaving her son behind. Allie responds that after she gave birth, Sarah asked her if she wanted to hold her son and she said no because she already decided to give him up so she thought that would make it harder to let go but then when she found out what Sami did, everything was up in the air again and she was confused so she thought holding the baby would help her make up her mind. Allie tells Claire that she held the baby and was blown away. Claire feels Allie obviously felt something powerful in that moment so she asks if Allie is sure that leaving town is what's best for her son.

Lucas hopes Will finds a way to get Sonny to forgive him. Abe points out that they have overcome so much so he's sure they will get through this too. Kate says that Will just needs to tell Sonny the truth that it's Sami's fault. Sami enters the room behind Kate as Kate goes on about how Allie did everything she could to keep the pregnancy from Sami because Sami is capable of making any situation chaotic. Sami then tells Kate to shut the hell up.

Will asks Sonny what the big thing they need to figure out is. Sonny reminds him that they are adopting a dog because Arianna has her heart set on it so he thinks they should focus their energy on that. Will agrees and suggests they look at rescue websites to make Arianna's dream come true.

Kate tells Sami that she knows it's the truth that she needs to learn to stay out of her children's business. Sami calls that hilarious coming from her. Sami informs them that Allie disappeared from the hospital and left a note saying she wants Nicole to raise her son so she came here to see if Allie hit Kate up for cash. Kate assures that she did not. Sami pleads with Kate not to give it to her if she does. Lucas tries to stop Sami but she walks out of the mansion.

Belle tells Marlena that she thinks Claire might resist the idea of her staying in Salem but she thinks it could be really good for her. Marlena thinks it could be good for Sami too since she's been stressed over the situation with Allie. Belle knows they just want to protect their children but it's hard sometimes. Marlena knows Belle and Sami have both been through issues with their daughters so now they can support each other.

Allie tells Claire that she did feel something for her child when she held him but she also remembers how she felt when she found out she was pregnant. Allie says the thought of being responsible for another human is just too much. Claire questions her just deciding to give him up. Allie says she talked to a lot of people about her options but she knows she's not ready to raise her son. Claire points out that she wouldn't be on her own as she would have help from their whole family. Claire adds that she would babysit for free anytime she needs. Allie insists that the best option for her son is to leave him with Nicole and Eric. Allie says her letter makes that clear and she knows that if Sami fights, Nicole will fight back. Claire accepts that it's Allie's decision and hands her passport to her. Allie mentions turning off her phone so no one can track her. Claire insists on giving Allie all the cash she has and wants to make her some food too. Allie thanks her for being so incredible which she wasn't expecting because of the whole maid of honor thing. Claire calls that a big misunderstanding. Claire adds that she's sorry to see Allie leave because she thinks she's really cool and if they spent more time together, they would be close. Allie agrees and hugs her.

Will and Sonny look through a website for adopting a dog. They joke with each other and agree to let Arianna decide. Will thanks Sonny again for forgiving him as they kiss.

Kate tells Abe that she and Sami don't agree on a lot but they both want what's best for Allie's baby and that is not Nicole Walker. Abe argues that Nicole is a good mother. Kate knows Nicole is a friend of Abe's but says she is not a stable person. Lucas calls Allie and leaves her a message.

Belle tells Marlena that she's going to find Shawn to talk to him about staying for a little while. Marlena says to keep her posted and hugs her. Belle goes to leave as Sami walks in, questioning if Allie is here since she left the hospital. Marlena asks if she left with the baby. Sami then reveals that she left a note behind, saying she wants Nicole to raise him.

Claire gives Allie a bag of food. Allie turns on her phone to look at flights but sees she got a ton of voicemails. Allie listens to Lucas's message, asking her to come home. Allie then asks Claire to give her baby a kiss for her if she ever babysits him. Claire assures they are family and hugs her. Allie then exits the apartment.

Nicole tells Eric that her priority is doing what's best for the baby. Eric points out that Allie thinks her baby is better off with someone else. Nicole talks about how she thought that was Rafe and then Will and Sonny and now she wants them. Nicole hates to be intimidated by Sami but they heard her. Eric states that Sami made it very clear that she won't let Nicole have any part in raising her grandson. Nicole adds that with Sami, that's not a threat but a promise.

Sami explains that Allie is missing and wants Nicole to raise her child. Marlena thought Will and Sonny were going to raise the baby and questions what made Allie change her mind. Sami argues that Allie hasn't made any rational decisions since she got pregnant. Belle offers to help find her in any way she can as she's always there for her. Sami wants Belle as a lawyer, to stop Nicole from getting anywhere near her grandson.

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