Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/22/20

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/22/20


Written By Joseph

Kristen reminds Brady that he got her the bracelet on the day their baby was born which she thought would be the best day of their lives but it turned out to be the worst. Kristen adds that they never talked about it so she thinks it's time they have that talk. Kristen says that on last Mother's Day, they lost their baby and asks if they can talk about that day which Brady agrees to do...

Last Mother's Day...

Last year on Mother's Day, Brady was with Kristen in the hospital as she was going in to labor.

Last year on Mother's Day, JJ joined Haley at the hospital after seeing Jennifer in her coma. JJ asked how Haley's first Mother's Day with Melinda was. Haley thought it would be weird since she thought she was her sister for 25 years but says it was actually pretty great and she called her mom for the first time.

Sonny went home and got Will's text saying "Let's do it" to having another kid. Sonny looked at the photo they gave Adrienne and declared their family was about to get bigger.

Will started to drive home and remembered to call Sami for Mother's Day. Will said it can't wait until he gets home since it's past midnight in her time.

Sarah called Xander to apologize for how she talked to him before and to tell him that she's in labor which shocked him. Sarah told him that she was on her way to the hospital and that she would like it if he would be in the delivery room if he wanted to. Xander said of course so she told him to hurry. Adrienne began honking her horn for a car to get out of her lane while Will was driving and looking at his phone and they swerved to try to avoid a crash as Xander tried to question what happened from on the phone but the call dropped. Adrienne and Sarah were knocked out inside their car from the crash which knocked them off the road.

Kayla checked on Kristen and prepares her to give birth as she tells her that she is in active labor. Kayla encouraged her to try to relax while Kristen remarked that the contractions were like getting hit by a car..

Will worried about what he had just done and got out of his car to check on the accident.

Justin joined Sonny in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and talked about taking another family photo with all of them next time. Sonny said he felt so lucky to have Justin and Adrienne as parents which he felt he took for granted when he was younger. Justin said he made it easy to be a great parent. Sonny said he'd been difficult at times but they were always loving and kind. Sonny talked about not having to be afraid to come out because he knew they would love him no matter what. Justin said they couldn't be more proud of he or Will and called their devotion inspiring. Justin hugged him and thanked him for making Adrienne's Mother's Day so special. Sonny said he was happy they talked her out of going to work today. Justin noted that Adrienne's car was not in the driveway so he asked if Sonny knew where she was..

Will called for an ambulance after the car crash. Will saw that it was Adrienne and went to check on her. Will asked her what happened. Adrienne woke up and told him that someone swerved in to their lane and drove her off the road. Adrienne told Will that she was okay but Sarah was in labor so he needed to help Sarah as she tried to wake her up.

Haley talked to JJ about doing anything she could for Jennifer after how hard she fought for her when she was going to get deported. Haley encouraged that Jennifer would get out of the coma. Haley couldn't believe the difference in JJ's family since Jack got his memory back and said they all made her feel a part of it. JJ then said there was a question he'd been wanting to ask her but he got the call about the car accident so he told Haley they would talk later as he rushed out.

Xander arrived at the scene of the car crash looking for Sarah but instead found Maggie passed out in her car with a bottle of alcohol. Xander woke Maggie up and questioned where Sarah was.

Kristen complained about her labor pains as Kayla continued to encourage her. Kayla then revealed that Adrienne had called to inform them that Sarah is in labor too. Brady commented that Kristen wasn't the only one having a baby on Mother's Day.

Will told Adrienne that he had called an ambulance for them. Adrienne reached over to check on Sarah and said her pulse was still strong. Will told Adrienne that he wished he could do more. Adrienne continued to check on Sarah while Will assured that help was on the way.

Xander questioned Maggie getting drunk when she was supposed to be taking Sarah to the hospital to have her baby. Xander asked where Sarah was but Maggie said she couldn't leave so Adrienne took her. Xander is relieved that Sarah wasn't in this car then began to help get Maggie out of the car.

Justin told Sonny that he figured Adrienne went to bed but Sonny noted that doesn't explain where her car is. Justin guessed Henderson may have pulled it in to the garage. Justin suggested they catch the end of the Cubs game. Sonny agreed and said he's just waiting on Will to get home. Justin commented that it was so nice of Will to cover for Adrienne at work. Sonny said Will would do anything for her and he's grateful that his husband loves his in-laws. Justin asked if Will was still at the paper. Sonny responded that he texted that he was on his way so he should be here by now so he wondered what was keeping him..

Will checked on Adrienne while Sarah woke up. Will assured her the ambulance was on the way. Sarah mentions her seatbelt being jammed so Will went over to help her. Adrienne insisted on getting out to help too despite Will insisting she stay put. Adrienne got out of the car and collapsed so Will rushed to check on her.

Haley went in to check on Kristen. Brady saw that he missed a call from Maggie so he figured he should call her to let her know that she has another great grandchild coming..

Xander called Victor to tell him that Maggie has been in an accident. Xander said she seemed fine but she was passed out drunk and her car is stuck in a ditch. Victor questioned why she was drinking. Xander said she was in no condition to tell him but he needed to send someone to get her because if the police find out, they will investigate. Victor ordered Xander to put her in his car and get her out of there. Xander said he can't because he has to get to the hospital as Sarah is in labor and wants him there. Xander then heard the ambulance coming.

The ambulance arrived where Will was checking on Adrienne and he told them about Sarah. Will informed JJ that Adrienne was conscious but then collapsed. JJ tried to talk to Adrienne but she was not responsive. JJ declared that they had to transport her now.

Justin and Sonny talked about the Cubs winning the game. Justin told Sonny that he thinks it's a terrific idea for he and Will to have another kid as they talked about Arianna's excitement to have a sibling. Sonny couldn't wait to tell Adrienne since she was dropping hints about it. Justin said she would be over the moon.

Sarah asked if Will was alright. Will said not to worry about him and asked about her. Sarah said she's better now that JJ got the seatbelt off of her. Sarah asked what Will was doing here and if he saw the accident. Xander then arrived to check on Sarah. She told him that she was doing better. Xander asked what happened. Sarah told him that she was on the phone with him when she just saw a black car come straight at them. Xander thought back to finding Maggie passed out in her car and began to worry. The paramedics prepared to take Adrienne while Xander wondered about Sarah. Sarah decided that Xander could take her to the hospital while they needed to take Adrienne because there wasn't much time.

Justin found that Adrienne was not in her room so he and Sonny wondered where she could be. Justin decided to call her. JJ answered Adrienne's phone and told Justin to get to the hospital right away because Adrienne has been in accident after being driven off the road. Sonny asked Justin what was wrong.

Xander insisted on taking Sarah too. Will told Xander to stay with Sarah as JJ and the paramedics loaded Adrienne in the ambulance.

Haley told Kristen that she would go get her doctor. Kristen asked her not to leave her. Haley encouraged her and left the room while Brady stayed with her.

Xander helped Sarah out of Adrienne's car to get her to his, but Sarah told him the baby was coming right now. Sarah sent Xander to find if Adrienne had a first aid kit in the back because he was going to have to deliver the baby.

Justin and Sonny went to the hospital, talking about being unable to believe someone swerved in to Adrienne's lane. JJ and the paramedics arrived with Adrienne on a stretcher. Justin began to panic while Kayla assured they would do everything they can.

Brady continued to encourage Kristen to breathe. Kristen told him something was wrong as there's a different kind of pain then her monitors starting going off. Haley came back in to check on her.

Sarah prepared Xander to deliver her baby on the side of the road. She apologized for how she treated him earlier and thanked him for being there for her.

Sonny talked to Justin at the hospital about Adrienne being there to help him before he and Will's wedding. Sonny mentioned Adrienne having a hard time accepting Will but when she came around, no one was more supportive of them together. Justin talked about their children always coming first with Adrienne. Justin said he knew how much Adrienne loved him as he flashed back to a montage of he and Adrienne's life together over the years set to "Every Breath" by Marina V. Justin decided he couldn't stand around and had to find out what was going on so he walked off. Will arrived at the hospital. Sonny hugged him and said thank God he was here.

Brady sat alone in the hospital room with Kristen's bracelet holding back tears.

Xander successfully delivered Sarah's baby. Sarah said that he did it but questioned why the baby wasn't crying.

Victor got Maggie in bed at home and questioned why she was drinking and driving, remarking that she's lucky she didn't kill someone...

Sonny paced in a waiting room, saying Adrienne had to pull through. Will joined him in the room. Sonny asked how he knew to come and if JJ called him too. Will informed him that he was there when Adrienne had her accident.

Justin waited for Kayla then asked how Adrienne is. Justin shouted that she beat cancer so she can survive this. Kayla told him that they did everything they could but her injuries were too severe. Kayla hugged Justin as he cried, telling him she was so sorry.

Sarah asked Xander about the baby. Xander assured that she was fine and handed her to Sarah as the baby then began crying.

Brady put Kristen's bracelet on her as she was back in her hospital bed. Kristen asked what happened. Brady told her that she passed out but she's going to be okay. Kristen asked if they had their baby. Brady informed her that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby. Kristen screamed that she can't let her baby die as Brady hugged her.

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