Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/21/20

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/21/20


Written By Joseph

Maggie goes to Kayla's office to see Sarah. Maggie hugs her and says she's so sorry to hear about the baby. Sarah cries that she's so scared because she didn't go through everything just to lose her. Maggie encourages that she is here for her..

Last Mother's Day...

The flashback to last year's Mother's Day continues as Sarah and Maggie went home to the Kiriakis Mansion where Sarah then got a pain and said she thought she was going in to labor.

Sonny suggested to Will that they have another kid. Will was surprised and said they could talk about it later as he had to get to work. Will reminded Sonny to get Gabi her present while Sonny reminded Will to call Sami for Mother's Day as Will then walked away.

Last year on Mother's Day, Chad joined Abigail in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. They talked about how they had breakfast in bed and spending time with the kids. Abigail remembered that she promised to go help Will at the Spectator and then she would go to the hospital to check on her mom. Chad knew today wouldn't be easy. Abigail admitted she thought Jennifer would be out of her coma by Mother's Day but she's not. Chad encouraged that she would get through. Chad agreed to wait up for her as they kissed until Abigail left the mansion. Tony DiMera then walked in and informed Chad that he had been ousted from DiMera Enterprises..

Adrienne was on the phone with Justin after her massage and told him that she was thinking about going to the office to help Will because there was so much work to be done but Justin convinced her to stay home. Adrienne said she loved him and hung up. Adrienne then heard Sarah in pain so she rushed out to check on her. Maggie said she had to get Sarah to the hospital and instructed Adrienne to call Kayla to let her know they'd be on their way. When Maggie opened the door to leave, she was surprised to see her daughter Summer had arrived.

Chad questioned why the board would fire Tony with no warning. Tony informed him that someone went behind his back to lobby for the job. Chad says it had to have been family but it wasn't him and Kristen gave up the idea when she got pregnant. Chad asked if it was Kate then. Tony said no but he was getting warmer.

Gabi joined Sonny in the town square. Sonny gave her the Mother's Day present from he and Will. Gabi told him about having brunch with Arianna and the whole day being perfect. Gabi declared that she got everything she wanted as she is the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Xander went to the Titan Office and questioned Victor still working. Victor told him that someone had to because the CEO Brady just informed him that Kristen was in labor so he was going to need Xander's help and he would need to tear himself away from Sarah. Xander said that wouldn't be a problem because Sarah just informed him that she wants nothing to do with him.

Maggie questioned Summer not telling her that she was coming to visit. Summer asked where else she would be on Mother's Day. Maggie told her that Sarah was in labor. Summer commented on seeing what her sister looked like. Maggie said they would talk later as she had to get Sarah to the hospital. Summer noted that what she had to say was important. Adrienne decided she would take Sarah to the hospital while Maggie could meet them there.

Will was at the Spectator office and remembered to call Sami but Abigail arrived to help him. Will questioned her doing that on Mother's Day. Abigail said she and Chad had a great day and the kids are asleep so she wanted to come lighten his load. Abigail adds that he was sweet to let Jack be with Jennifer. Will asked if there was any change. Abigail said no and talked about hoping every day that Jennifer would wake up as she had so much to ask her and tell her. Will asked Abigail if it was harder having two kids. Abigail confirmed that it was and joked that Will should be grateful to just have one easy-going child. Will said that might not be for long if Sonny has his way.

Sonny asked Gabi how she became CEO of DiMera. Gabi said it wasn't easy but she got some backup that was a total surprise.

Chad called Mr. Shin to argue about the board firing Tony. Anna entered the mansion and told Tony that she was out shopping. Chad continued to complain on the phone while Anna asked Tony about it. Tony informed her that he had been replaced as CEO of DiMera by Gabi so Chad is trying to figure out what her strategy was. Anna suggested maybe it was for the best since this always happened with DiMera Enterprises. Chad hung up the phone so Tony asked if he found out how Gabi was able to stab him in the back. Chad informed him that Gabi had help. Tony asked who helped her so Chad asked Anna if she wanted to tell him. Tony questioned it being Anna. Anna claimed she didn't do that much. Chad said that's not what Mr. Shin said. Tony asked Anna what she did. Anna says it was just a few calls. Chad expands on what she told the board and that Anna told Mr. Shin that Gabi was the better, more youthful choice. Anna said she did it for them and she's sorry for going behind his back but not sorry that it worked because it was the only way she could make sure he didn't end up back in an urn.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie mentioned to Summer that she didn't know she was planning a visit. Summer says she decided to surprise her and waited for Victor to leave because he was always suspicious of her and she didn't want to mess up their love story. Maggie said Summer is her daughter and she wants her to be part of her life. Summer commented that she seemed busy with her other daughter. Maggie said that didn't mean she doesn't love her and she had been trying to locate her for so long. Maggie mentioned that she was about to ask an investigator to try to find her. Summer guesses she decided not to. Maggie asked where she was. Summer admitted she got all of her messages so Maggie questioned why she never called her back. Summer responded that she didn't want to see or talk to her. Maggie asked what changed her mind. Summer said she had to thank her for the gift she gave her.

Victor told Xander that Sarah had no right to keep him from being at the baby's birth if he is the child's father. Xander then revealed to Victor that he's not the father.

Adrienne was driving Sarah to the hospital, encouraging her about becoming a mom and talking about when she gave birth. Sarah told her that Xander wouldn't be there after they got in a big fight. Adrienne noted that it seemed like Xander was trying to step up so maybe she shouldn't fight him being there. Adrienne commented that life is too short as they came to a sudden stop.

Anna told Tony that she lost him to the demands of the company before and she was not going through that again. Tony remarked that now because of her they'd never be in the company again. Anna insisted it was the only way she could ensure they had a future together. Tony responded that he's not sure they do.

Sonny asked Gabi what Eli thought of her being CEO. Gabi said he didn't know yet because he was visiting his mom in DC. Sonny offered to take her to dinner to celebrate. Gabi asked about him being with Will. Sonny informed her that Will is working but he's not sure Will would want to spend time anyway since he suggested having another kid and he felt Will kind of freaked out.

Abigail encouraged Will about having two kids and promised he would not regret it.

Maggie questioned how she could give Summer a gift if she didn't know where she was. Summer explained that she gave it to her when she was born with her genes. Summer talked about drinking. Maggie wanted to be there for her but Summer said it's too late, revealing that when she left Salem, she went to Vegas to drink herself to death. Summer declared that she finally got her wish, as she is dying.

Adrienne had a flat tire and tried to call an ambulance to take Sarah the rest of the way but she had no cell service.

Xander explained to Victor how he and Sarah came up with the idea so she wouldn't come between Eric and Nicole. Victor agreed not to say a word. Xander said Sarah was guilty about keeping it from Eric and told him to stay away. Victor suggested he do what she says.

Adrienne encouraged Sarah to stay calm as she got out of the car to change the flat tire.

Summer revealed to Maggie that she was dying of sclerosis. Maggie wanted her to see a specialist or get on the donation list but Summer argued that no one would give a new liver to a drunk and remarked that they made more in common than she thought. Summer suggests a toast to that. Maggie told her they don't keep alcohol in the house. Summer revealed that is why she brought her own and pulled out a bottle. Summer asked if Maggie would pass on a drink with her dying daughter as she poured two glasses. Summer then took the drink as Maggie started to cry. Maggie asked Summer not to go but Summer told her they couldn't work things out and that there would be no happy ending for them. Summer added that she could tell Brady that he shouldn't have pulled her out of the ocean that day as she then stormed out, leaving Maggie in tears.

Anna questioned Tony not thinking they had a future together and couldn't believe he could say that to her. Tony argued that she should've discussed any problem with him. Anna asked if he would've quit the job if she said it was the job or her. She added that he would always be his father's son. Chad decided he would leave but Anna declared that she would go because she should've known she could never compete with Tony's need to prove himself to Stefano as she stormed out. Chad asked if Tony would just let her go. Tony questioned leaving Chad to fight for Stefano's company with Gabi. Tony declared that she may have won this round but he was not down. Chad told Tony that he could handle Gabi while Tony had a second chance at love so he shouldn't blow it. Tony talked about Anna being the first thing he thought of when he came back and swearing to never leave her side. Chad told him to take the out that Gabi had given him. Anna came back in the room, revealing that she had packed a suitcase and would send for the rest of her things. Anna told Chad that she knew she messed things up for him but advised him to let Gabi work the long days while he enjoys his wife and kids because that's what really matters. Anna told Tony that maybe someday he would realize that all of this doesn't really matter and he'd come crawling back to her. Tony stopped her and said she was stuck with him because having her by his side was the most important thing to him. Anna informed him that she had Harold pack his things too because she wasn't leaving town without him. Anna said they had to go or else they would miss their plane as she left. Tony told Chad to call if he ever needed him because he'd always have his back as they hugged before Tony then left the mansion.

Will and Abigail finished working so Abigail decided she would head to the hospital to see Jennifer. Abigail wished him luck with whatever he and Sonny decided as she then left. Will got his phone and texted Sonny that he thought about what he said.

Adrienne finished changing the flat tire and got back in the car to drive Sarah to the hospital.

Victor told Xander that he didn't want to get attached to a baby that wasn't his but Xander revealed it was too late for that.

Maggie called Brady and left a message to call her back because she needed him as she approached the glass of alcohol that Summer left.

Gabi went home to the DiMera Mansion and asked Chad if he heard the good news.

Sonny went home and got Will's text saying "Let's do it" to having another kid. Sonny looked at the photo they gave Adrienne and declared their family was about to get bigger.

Adrienne continued driving Sarah, figuring that Maggie would be going crazy wondering where they've been. Sarah thanked her for reminding her of what's important and decided to call Xander.

Will started to drive home and remembered to call Sami for Mother's Day.

Sarah called Xander to apologize for how she talked to him before and to tell him that she's in labor which shocked him. Sarah told him that she was on her way to the hospital and that she would like it if he would be in the delivery room if he wanted to. Xander said of course so she told him to hurry. Adrienne began honking her horn for a car to get out of her lane while Will was driving and looking at his phone and they swerved to try to avoid a crash as Xander tried to question what happened from on the phone.

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