Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/20

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/20


Written By Joseph

Bonnie comes out of the Salem Inn with her bags packed but runs in to Justin. Justin asks if they can talk but Bonnie says she has a bus to catch. Justin offers to buy her a later bus ticket so Bonnie suggests they go somewhere private to talk and they hurry off.

Abe joins Kate at the Brady Pub for a business dinner. Abe explains that he was late because he was at Eli and Lani's. Abe reveals to Kate that they are having twins. Kate calls that fantastic and congratulates him. Abe congratulates Kate too as he heard Allie had her baby. Abe says they have a lot to celebrate. Kate agrees and adds that Vivian is dead.

At the DiMera Mansion, Jack and Jennifer are drinking wine in the living room. Jack talks about missing having alone time with her when Gwen walks in and takes a drink of wine from the bottle. Jack points out that they were drinking that. Gwen responds that there's more in the cellar and after the night she had, she needs it more than they do.

Gabi and Jake walk through the town square. Jake remarks that dressing up and dining in fancy restaurants is not really his thing. Gabi complains that she never would've guessed. Jake questions her attitude since he totally impressed the DiMera client. Gabi asks if he's delusional and calls it a total disaster.

Ben carries Ciara into their hotel room. Ciara says she's so happy to have him back as they kiss onto the bed. Ben stops and says he has to do something first. Ben goes back and puts a do not disturb sign on the door. Ben tells Ciara that now he has her all to himself.

Jennifer questions who Gwen is. Jack explains that she's Jake's girlfriend. Jennifer asks what she's doing here. Jack thinks Gwen and Jake have moved in thus pushing Lucas out of his room which Jennifer questions. Jack tells Gwen that Lucas is Jennifer's brother. Gwen says she's sorry as it's nothing personal but she just wanted a room close to the kitchen. Jennifer questions if Chad is okay with all this and what is going on. Gwen assures that Chad asked them to live here as his guests. Gwen guesses they are the in-laws. Jennifer confirms that she is Chad's mother in law and Jack is her husband. Gwen says it's a pleasure to meet them and compliments their taste in wine as she continues drinking from the bottle. Jennifer asks about her rough night. Jack says not to encourage her. Gwen says it's a long story but in a nutshell, Gabi hijacked her boyfriend.

Jake tells Gabi that the guy was eating out of his hand. Gabi complains that Jake was eating without utensils and it was disgusting. Jake says that all that's important is the guy really liked him. Gabi argues that he was just being polite and thinks he was trying to get out as soon as possible. Gabi points out that the guy didn't bring up making the deal and calls Jake an incompetent jerk. Jake says he was doing her favor. Gabi argues that they were supposed to impress the client with the DiMera style and image. Gabi calls everything about Jake low class and pathetic. Gabi shouts that he failed his one job miserably.

Ciara asks Ben if he's sure he's still up for celebrating their wedding night and that it's okay if he's not because he's been through so much so she understands if he wants to take it easy. Ben assures that he doesn't want to relax as they have postponed their wedding night long enough. Ciara decides she'll go put on what she planned to wear on their wedding night then and heads to the bathroom. Ben pulls out his phone and looks at a photo from their wedding, giving him flashbacks to being tortured by Vincent.

Abe mentions hearing about Vivian. Kate assures this time she's not coming back because she went to her funeral and looked in the coffin. Abe knows they had quite a history. Kate says Vivian made her life hell and goes over everything she did to her.

Justin and Bonnie walk out of the town square to the bench in the park. Bonnie doesn't want to hear him lecture her and asks what he wants. Justin can't believe he's saying this but he wants to help her. Bonnie then hugs him.

Jake screams that no good deed goes unpunished. Gabi complains that he made her look like an idiot. Jake argues that he didn't want to come to some boring business meeting and she dragged him down in the first place. Gabi says she wouldn't have if she knew he would be a disaster. Jake tells her that he did her a favor so the least she could do is say thanks. Gabi thanks him for ruining everything and says she was slowly gaining Shin's confidence but he tanked that. Gabi warns that she better get control of DiMera because if she doesn't, it will be his fault.

Ciara returns to Ben in her nightgown. Ben tells her that she looks amazing and he can't wait to make love to her in bed. Ciara stops and goes to the closet. Ciara thought she hung her wedding dress up behind the door but it wasn't there so she thought maybe housekeeping put it in the closet but it's not there. Ciara wonders where it could be as Ben has flashbacks to being tortured.

Bonnie asks Justin what changed his mind from hating her guts to wanting to help her. Justin clarifies that he still hates her for what she did to Adrienne but he also hates when people twist the law around to serve their own ends which is what this publisher did to her. Justin admits his curiosity got the best of him so he looked at the contract she left behind and what they are trying to pull over on her is just wrong so he wants to make it right.

Jack tells Gwen that he and Jennifer are not exactly fans of Gabi either. Gwen remembers that Gabi fried their daughter's brain. Gwen tells them to just wait until they hear what Gabi did to her. Gwen explains that she and Jake were in bed when Gabi stormed in and grabbed Jake out of bed. Gwen remarks that it totally ruined her sex tape. Gwen complains that Gabi is so rude and the worst part is that Jake was perfectly happy to go with her to help her. Jennifer asks what he's helping her with. Gwen wishes she knew.

Jake asks Gabi what exactly her end game is and why she's so determined to get DiMera back. Gabi explains that DiMera owns Gabi Chic and Chad put that in limbo just to spite her. Gabi says she needs to be CEO to revive it. Gabi adds that she knows Stefan would want her to take over DiMera because it was supposed to be his and since he's gone, it's only right that it goes to his widow. Jake questions it going to her instead of an actual DiMera like Chad or himself. Jake says he's not interested but her claim is iffy. Gabi doesn't know why he's weighing in since he wouldn't know a good business deal. Jake apologizes for offending her and says his opinion doesn't matter anyway. Jake declares she and Chad can duke it out over DiMera until the death. Jake only cares that he never has to wear a suit and tie ever again. Gabi argues that the suit cost more than he makes in an entire year. Jake tells her to give it to someone who appreciates it then. Gabi calls him a stupid grease monkey who isn't fit to wear Stefan's clothes. Gabi remarks that he may look like Stefan but he's nothing like him. Gabi says Stefan was classy and charming. Jake tells her the one thing he has going for him is that he's alive. Jake tells Gabi that Stefan is literally heartless and dead as a door nail so he's never coming back.

Ciara finishes a call with the front desk and tells Ben that they are going to check with housekeeping about moving her wedding dress. Ben hopes it's not lost. Ciara says it has to turn up somewhere because it's not like somebody broke in and stole it. Ciara wonders if Julie took it to the cleaners. Ciara decides it doesn't matter as she can't even think about that right now because she has way more important things to focus on as they kiss. Ben starts having flashbacks to being tortured and pulls away suddenly.

Abe tells Kate that she might not want to hear it, but she and Vivian were a lot alike. Kate questions why the hell he would say something like that. Abe calls Vivian a strong, successful woman who was passionate about what she wanted and driven to get it which could be said of Kate as well. Abe thinks in another life, they could've been friends. Kate argues that they would never be friends. Abe tells her to admit that a small part of her feels bad that she's gone. Kate says not at all and she's glad Vivian is dead.

Gwen argues to Jack and Jennifer that Gabi was interrupting a beautiful, intimate moment between people in love. Gwen adds that was after Gabi told Jake that she looks like a cheap whore. Gwen calls Gabi a real nasty piece of work and says it's like she has control over Jake. Gwen says she's so angry, she could scream. Jack suggests she sleep on it instead and see things clearer in the morning. Gwen agrees that's a good idea and says it was a pleasure meeting them. Gwen thanks them for listening and for the wine as she then exits the room.

Gabi tells Jake that he's right that Stefan's gone and it was her mistake to think Jake could ever replace him when he's not half the man he was. Jake says she's said that over and over again. Gabi argues that Stefan would've had Collins and Shin wrapped around his finger. Gabi says Stefan had a way of talking to people and it was one of the things she loved about him. Gabi says she misses Stefan more all the time and tells Jake not to feel sorry for her. Gabi adds that she may never get over the loss of the love of her life but she will have a life, for her daughter because she's a good mom and a strong woman. Gabi then storms off.

Ciara asks Ben what's wrong. Ben says he doesn't know why he reacted that way. Ciara knows Ben is still traumatized from what Eve and Vincent put him through but all that matters to her is that he's okay. Ciara knows Ben is pretending he's okay because he wants to give her the wedding night they deserve but she doesn't need it if he's not ready. Ciara tells Ben that they are married now so they are going to be together forever and will have plenty of other nights to make love. Ben argues that the first night was supposed to be special. Ciara then tells Ben that she has an idea.

Abe suggests they put aside thoughts on Vivian and get to their business. Kate tells Abe that the latest polls are all good news as there's been an uptick in his approval rating. Kate assumes it's because of the positive press that he's been getting lately thanks to her. Abe figured she would assume that and admits he's seen how hard she's been working. Abe tells Kate that she's been doing a great job. Kate thinks she deserves a raise. Abe points out that it's only been three months. Kate feels she's proven to be invaluable. Abe guesses he can look into it and suggests a 5% hike. Kate wants 10%. Abe tells her not to push it.

Bonnie can't believe it and says she's speechless for the first time ever. Justin asks if he can take her case to sue these crooks into next week. Bonnie points out there is still one tiny little snag; she has no cash. Justin tells her this isn't about money but about what's fair and right. Justin doesn't like seeing anyone being taken advantage of like this, even Bonnie. Bonnie thanks him and says she would be eternally grateful for him to take her case. Bonnie asks what they do first. Justin says they will put these cheating bastards on notice as he pulls out his phone.

Jack and Jennifer kiss in the living room until Gabi walks in, complaining that today is just not her day as she goes to pour a drink. Gwen then comes back for more wine and says look what the cat dragged in. Gwen asks Gabi where Jake is. Gabi responds that she doesn't know or care and storms out.

Ciara and Ben eat Chinese food together in bed. Ben admits it hits the spot. Ben talks about how many nights they will be able to do this now as he kisses her. Ben asks if she's sure she's not disappointed that their wedding night turned out this way as he just wanted it to be romantic. Ciara tells him that she really thought she lost him after the explosion and that they would never have another moment together so as far as she's concerned, this is a perfect night and all the romance she could ask for as long as she has him beside her. Ciara and Ben then kiss.

Justin talks on the phone, saying he's about to call a press conference to make sure the public knows exactly how this company treats their authors. Justin tells them to go to hell and says they will see them in court. Justin hangs up as Bonnie praises him being amazing. Justin says he had to let them know they won't be pushed around. Justin declares that they took advantage of Bonnie and he can't let them get away with it. Bonnie thanks him and says she doesn't deserve it but she really appreciates it.

Gwen asks Jack and Jennifer if Gabi said anything about Jake. Jennifer says she just walked in and went straight to the bar. Gwen calls that interesting and wonders what happens. Jack guesses they will never know and says he and Jennifer are going to enjoy the rest of their evening together. Jack and Jennifer get up to leave as Jake comes in. Gwen questions where he's been. Jack and Jennifer exit. Jake apologizes to Gwen for ditching out on her but Gabi really needed his help. Gwen asks what it was. Jake says Chad flaked out on some business meeting but it doesn't matter because it didn't work out. Jake asks if Gwen is still mad at him. Gwen says she is a bit. Jake wants to go to bed and make it up to her. Gwen tells him that she'll be up in a minute. Jake kisses her and then heads upstairs. Gwen pulls out her phone.

Gabi goes to her room and pulls out a photo of Stefan from her drawer. Gabi says when she saw Jake wearing Stefan's favorite suit, it was comforting but then he acted like a caveman at dinner and that knocked her back in to reality. Gabi didn't expect it to be so hard to be around somebody that looks like Stefan but isn't Stefan. Jake comes in to return her suit. Gabi remarks that she hopes the dry cleaners can get the garage smell out. Gabi thanks him and tells him he can go but Jake says not until she hears what he has to say.

Ben tells Ciara it was the best Chinese food he's ever had and he's starting to feel more like himself. Ciara suggests tomorrow he make an appointment with Marlena to talk about what he went through which he agrees to do. They finish their meal with their fortune cookies. Ben looks at his fortune and imagines it saying "Your pleasure will become your pain and your pain, your pleasure" as he has more flashbacks to being tortured.

Kate thanks Abe for agreeing to a raise even though he had doubts about hiring her. Kate admits she had doubts about how this relationship would work out professionally but she really enjoys working with him. Kate says he can be cranky but always sees the best in people including her. Abe suggests they celebrate her raise, Lani's twins, and Kate's new great-grandson. Kate agrees that she would like that.

Justin tells Bonnie that he will arrange the press conference. Bonnie stops him to tell him again how much this means to her. Bonnie says he is obviously a great lawyer but also a good man. Bonnie says he kind of reminds her of Mickey which Justin calls high praise.

Gwen calls Chad and tells him that she has an update regarding Gabi pulling a stunt involving DiMera. Gwen says apparently Chad flaked on a business meeting but she doesn't have the details, other than her plan involved using Jake.

Gabi tells Jake that it's been a very long night and she doesn't have the energy to fight with him. Jake tells her that he doesn't want to fight with her either and he just came to say he's sorry. Jake says that he went too far with what he said before as he knows how much she still misses Stefan and what he said was insensitive. Jake apologizes again. Gabi thanks him and Jake then exits. Gabi starts to cry.

Ciara asks Ben what his fortune says. Ben looks at it again and sees that it says "Things don't always go as planned" which they joke about. Ciara opens her cookie and the fortune says "True love always triumphs". Ciara thinks they are proof of that as they kiss.

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