Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/20

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/20


Written By Joseph

Jake and Gwen wake up in bed together. Gwen wants to start the morning off right but Jake tells her that he's not in the mood which Gwen questions. Jake tells her that he just has a lot on his mind. Gwen warns that it better not be Gabi.

Gabi is in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, on the phone leaving a message for Li Shin about how she got him a DiMera for the meeting and says that she's there unlike Chad who has other priorities. Chad then walks in and questions what she was saying.

Claire is at home at John and Marlena's and calls Allie. She leaves a message and asks her to text her to let her know she's okay when she gets where she's going because she's worried about her. Claire hangs up then Marlena walks in and asks who she is worried about.

Hope goes to Rafe's office at the police station and asks if there is any word on Eve. Rafe tells her that the authorities in New York are looking for her but there's no word yet. Hope asks how it's even possible that Eve could still be out there.

Eve is wearing sunglasses and has dark hair as she joins Vincent at a motel in Salem. Vincent warns her that coming to Salem was risky since they are both wanted by the police. Eve responds that it's a risk she had to take because she had to see the pain on Ben's face when he realizes that he has choked the life out of his beloved bride.

Ben has a nightmare about choking Ciara.

Gabi thought Chad was in Florida with Abigail. Chad responds that he was until he found out about the stunt she pulled last night. Gabi claims not to know what he's talking about. Chad tells her that he knows she called Mr. Shin's office, pretending to be her assistant and moved up the dinner with Mr. Collins that he had scheduled. Chad tells Gabi that he knows she thought she would score points with the boss but it just didn't work out that way. Gabi questions where he got that crazy idea.

Gwen questions if Jake doesn't want to have sex with her because he's thinking about Gabi. Gwen argues that Gabi doesn't care about him and she's just using him to get what she wants. Jake says he volunteered to do her a favor and it was no big deal. Gwen says that Gabi is sucking him into this war with Chad over the family company and asks why he wants to be involved with that. Gwen suggests letting them go at it while they have champagne by the pool. Jake says that's not who he is. Gwen warns Jake that this won't end well if he sides with Gabi. Gwen adds that Chad is probably putting an end to Gabi's manipulative ways as they speak. Jake asks why she would think that when Chad is in Florida.

Claire tells Marlena that she was just leaving a message for Ciara to make sure she and Ben are okay. Marlena says that's sweet of her but assures that she doesn't have to worry because they are back in Salem, safe and sound. Claire says what they went through was so awful. Marlena encourages that the worst is behind them now and Eve can't hut them anymore.

Ben's nightmare continues with him choking Ciara to death until she wakes him up in bed. Ben hugs her and tells her that he just had the most horrible dream. Ciara asks if he wants to tell her about it.

Chad knows last night wasn't the first time Gabi tried to maneuver to make him look bad. Chad knew she was desperate to worm her way back in to DiMera but he did not think she was stupid enough to invite Jake to a business meeting. Chad says he's not surprised that he made awkward jokes and acted like a buffoon. Gabi argues that there willl be other deals. Chad says that he and Mr. Shin are onto her and now he has to damage control for his company as he walks out of the room.

Jake tells Gwen that Chad is out of town with his wife so he questions why she thinks he's busting Gabi. Gwen brings up that Jake told her about the business meeting not going well so she assumes that Shin called Chad and then Chad called Gabi. Gwen questions why they are talking about this anyways. Jake gets up and says he's getting breakfast. Gwen suggests they have breakfast in bed and stay in all day. Jake responds that he can't because he has to work so he exits the room.

Hope asks when Rafe last heard from the NYPD and asks him to tell them to step it up. Rafe reminds her that it's not his jurisdiction so he has no control. Rafe promises that when they find Eve, they will call him. Hope asks what if Eve is not in New York. Rafe questions if she thinks Eve came back to Salem. Hope states that a rational person wouldn't risk it but they are talking about Eve Donovan. Hope adds that Eve blew up a church full of people and tortured Ben so she passed rational a long time ago.

Eve tells Vincent that she was hoping to hear there was a homicide at the Salem Inn last night. She asks if he's sure he saw Ciara and Ben walk in to the Salem Inn. Vincent confirms that he did. Eve asks why the people of Salem aren't crying over Ciara and crucifying Ben for the heartless murderer that he is.

Ciara asks Ben about his dream. Ben claims he can't remember but something bad was happening. Ciara asks if he knows where it was. Ben thinks he was here in bed with her. Ben says some of it is coming back to him. Ben doesn't understand why he's having a horrible nightmare when he's home safe. Ciara understands after what he's been through. Ben declares that it's over now and he's fine but Ciara doesn't think so. Ciara thinks he's still suffering and needs help so she suggests calling Marlena to see if she can squeeze him in.

Marlena tells Claire that there is something she wants to talk to her about before she goes to the hospital. Claire swears it's not her fault and that she was only trying to help. Marlena questions what's not her fault. Claire says it sounded like she was about to blame her for something and she says she accidentally broke one of her coffee mugs yesterday while doing the dishes but she will replace it. Marlena says she wanted to talk to her about her mother. Marlena explains that Belle came by to check on her while she was babysitting. Claire talks about how smooth things went with Holly and claims not one bad thing happened. Marlena notes that Claire seems a little distracted and says she can tell her anything. Claire then admits something bad did happen last night with Allie. Claire tells Marlena that it's so sad that Allie left town without her baby. Marlena reveals that she knows and it's worrisome for Sami. Claire mentions Sami coming by looking for Allie last night. Marlena says she came here too. Claire asks if anyone has heard from Allie. Marlena says not that she knows of. Claire hopes the baby is okay since Allie just left him in the hospital. Marlena clarifies that Allie left a note wanting Eric and Nicole to raise the baby. Claire asks if that's the plan. Marlena explains that Eric and Nicole will take care of the baby until Allie comes back and hopefully that will be soon.

Hope asks Rafe to put an APB out on Eve. Rafe doesn't think Eve would dare show her face in Salem again but if it will make her happy, he will be glad to put an APB out. Hope thanks him and says it's just the idea of anything happening to Ciara. Rafe tells her that he's sorry for everything she's going through and notes that he's going through the same thing since he loves Ciara like family and he would do anything for them. Rafe hugs Hope as she thanks him. Hope talks about spending so much time trying to put Ben behind bars while Ciara did everything she could to convince her that he changed and was a good man and she was right. Hope just wants them to have a good life and be happy. Hope remembers what it was like being a newlywed with the joy and excitement but also the heartache when it all fell apart.

Ben finishes his call with Marlena's assistant and tells Ciara that she agreed to squeeze him in for an appointment. Ciara says that Marlena has always been able to help him before so she's pretty sure she can do it now. Ciara asks if he remembers anything about his dream. Ben says just what he told her and how it made him feel. Ciara blames what Eve put him through. Ben says it was dark and felt like death. Ben says he can't imagine his life without her. Ciara tells him that he doesn't have to because she is his and he is hers forever as they kiss.

Chad goes to Gwen's room to talk since he saw Jake coming down the stairs. Chad asks if everything is okay. Gwen says no because she told Jake that Gabi is using him but he refused to believe it which put her in a sour mood. Gwen questions how Jake doesn't see what a schemer Gabi is like they do. Chad tells Gwen that she did her a major solid when she called him to warn him that Gabi was up to something so he owes her one.

Jake enters the living room and greets Gabi. Jake tells her that he thinks the deal from last night can still be salvaged so he'd like another shot with Collins. Gabi refuses while Jake insists that he liked him. Jake admits he was a little nervous at first but swears by the end, they had a connection over sports. Jake tells Gabi to call him over and they'll have another meeting. Jake adds that he can go put on Stefan's suit but Gabi tells him not to dare.

Claire asks Marlena what else she and Belle talked about. Marlena tells her that they talked about Claire staying in Salem and Belle is on board with it. Claire says that's so great and asks what the catch is. Marlena calls it a bonus. Marlena explains that Belle and Shawn worried about missing her so they plan on staying in Salem a little while longer. Claire complains that they just want to keep an eye on her because they think she's going to go off the rails again. Marlena encourages that they just want to be there for her. Claire wants to get back to being a good person and not be jealous of anyone else again. Claire says she wants to be kind and generous like Marlena. Claire adds that she still wants to make things right with Ciara and maybe now that she knows Eve was targeting Ben and not her, then they can slowly work their way to being close again.

Ciara and Ben kiss until Ciara tells him that she doesn't want him to feel pressured to make love. Ciara worries that his nightmare means he's still not ready but that's okay. Ben feels the nightmare means he needs to be closer to her than ever. Ben calls her his everything and says the best way for him to start healing is to be with her so they continue kissing.

Eve checks her phone and complains that there is still no report of Ciara's murder. Vincent tells her to be patient. Eve argues that she paid him a boatload of money. Vincent assures that the drug will work. Eve decides she will go snoop around the Salem Inn because she needs Ben to kill Ciara as soon as possible because when he does, he will know pain like he's never known before like she felt when he took her daughter from her. Eve then walks out of the room.

Rafe asks Hope if she ever thinks about their marriage. Hope says she does sometimes. Rafe goes back to talking about Ben and Ciara. Rafe then calls to put an APB out on Eve Donovan and to put any calls directly through to him. Hope thanks him as she wants to keep everyone safe in Salem. Rafe then suggests she rejoin the police force.

Claire guesses it's kind of nice that her mom will be in town. Marlena says it will be for Sami too and mentions that she's asked Belle for legal help in making sure Nicole doesn't raise her grandson. Claire argues that it's Allie's baby so it should be her decision. Marlena then gets a call from her assistant and says she will head right in. Marlena tells Claire that she has an appointment first thing this morning. Claire decides she can go catch up with Ciara so Marlena agrees to drop her off.

Ben tells Ciara that he feels much better after making love. Ciara reminds him of his appointment with Marlena. Ben agrees to head over there now and hopes she can figure out why he had that nightmare. Ben doesn't want anything with Eve coming between their happiness. Ciara promises that it won't as she kisses him.

Hope tells Rafe that she didn't expect him to ask her to rejoin the police force. Rafe pulls out her badge and reveals he had been planning to ask her for awhile now. Rafe isn't sure how much longer Lani can keep working since she is having twins. Hope brings up Eli wanting all the overtime. Rafe says he can always use a first-rate detective. Hope thanks him but says it shouldn't be here which Rafe questions. Hope reminds him that for over a year, she treated the department like her own personal playground and with disrespect so she doubts that anyone here would be thrilled to see her back. Rafe points out that he would as he wants her back.

Eve walks into the town square as Ciara and Ben come out of the town square together. They run in to Claire. Claire tells them that she's so glad that Ben is alright. Ben hugs Claire. She asks what that was for. Ben wanted to thank her for figuring out that Eve was the person targeting him. Eve hides nearby and listens in. Ben says now the cops are closing in on Eve so he's grateful. Ciara adds that she is too. Ben apologizes to Claire for how he treated her when she swore she wasn't trying to sabotage their wedding and he was wrong not to believe her. Claire tells him that she totally understands why he suspected her. Claire says she's just happy he's okay because she knows how much Ciara loves him and she just wants them to be happy. Ben and Ciara assure that they are so happy as they kiss. Eve mutters that they won't be for long.

Gwen agrees that Chad owes her one and tells him that she wants him to get Gabi out of here. Chad responds that he's working on it. Gwen tells him to work faster because whatever is going on with Jake and her, she doesn't like it. Gwen complains about Jake doing favors for her. Chad tells her that last night didn't go very well so he's sure their alliance is over. Gwen thought so too but says now she's not so sure because Jake wasn't as enthusiastic about her in bed as he normally is. Chad questions if she thinks he's in to Gabi.

Jake tells Gabi that he will get his own suit if she doesn't want him near Stefan's stuff. Gabi says it's not about the suit, it's about him. Gabi tells him that he's just not made out for the corporate world as it takes a certain set of skills that he doesn't have. Jake asks Gabi to teach him then since she said she's such a brilliant businesswoman who built Gabi Chic from the ground up. Gabi feels it's too late because Chad is back. Jake thought he just left for Florida. Gabi explains that he called Shin last night and found out what happened. Gabi realizes that makes no sense since Chad was all about being with Abigail because he thought the meeting was later in the week so she questions why he would call Shin. Jake thinks he has an answer for that.

Rafe tries to convince Hope to rejoin the police force and talks about how great they were working together. Rafe asks if Hope wants the job or not.

Ciara tells Ben that she will meet him after his appointment. Ben tells Claire about his therapy session with Marlena. Ciara explains that Ben had a really bad dream last night that left him upset so they both think it has something to do with what Eve put him through. Ben hopes Marlena can jog his memory and figure out what's going on in his head. Claire wishes him luck and hopes he feels better. Ben kisses Ciara and says he will see her soon as he walks away. Claire tells Ciara that it's so good to see them so happy. Ciara responds that it's kind of thanks to her for helping her find Ben. Claire repeats that she's so happy they are okay and she would really like her and Ciara to be okay too by slowly working their way back to being close again. Ciara really wants that too and calls her family. Ciara knows it will take awhile but hopes they can work their way to being close again as they hug.

Eve walks out of the town square and calls Vincent, complaining that Ben is on his way to Marlena's office now to find out why he was having a nightmare last night. Vincent asks what she wants him to do about it. Eve wants him to make sure the session doesn't happen and to give Ben another dose guaranteed to make him have absolutely no feelings for Ciara so that he will kill her, no more excuses.

Gwen complains to Chad that she has no idea how Jake could be in to Gabi when he could have her. Gwen tells Chad that she and Jake moved in because they wanted to live properly and not be hassled 24/7 by some mental bitch. Chad responds that he wants her gone too but they have to be smart. Chad tells Gwen to just hang in there and says she's doing a great job by watching her and reporting back to him. Chad assures that Gabi is not onto them as she thinks he just called Shin last night and that's how he found out so Gabi has no idea that Gwen is his secret spy.

Jake tells Gabi that Gwen was not happy last night when he walked out on her to help Gabi. Gabi complains that her jealousy is really annoying her. Jake thinks there is more to it than that. Jake tells Gabi that he got home last night and told Gwen that she needed his help on the meeting because Chad flaked out and that it didn't go so well. Gabi points out that Chad was suddenly back. Jake adds that Gwen just said to him a few moments ago that she's certain Chad is putting an end to Gabi's manipulative ways as they speak. Jake feels it's like she knew Chad was there. Jake then says there's no way as she wouldn't do it. Gabi then declares that Gwen tipped off Chad.

Rafe tells Hope that he doesn't want to push but if she wants her job back, it's hers. Hope then tells him that she accepts the job. Rafe hugs her and tells her how happy that makes him. Rafe puts Hope's badge back on her and welcomes her back.

Claire walks out of the town square and bumps in to Eve.

Ben goes to Marlena's office but instead finds Vincent at her desk.

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