Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/20

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/20


Written By Joseph

Will worries that Sonny might never forgive him. Sami encourages that he will but asks if Will is going to forgive her. Will remarks that all Sami really cares about is getting herself off the hook with him. Sami denies that and says she knows it's her fault that Allie backed out of letting them adopt the baby so Sonny should be furious at her, not him. Will assures that Sonny is furious at her. Sami is sorry she screwed this up for him. Will brings up Sami telling him to keep his mouth shut about her convincing Rafe not to adopt the baby. Will points out that he could've said no and not did it so Sami didn't force him to lie to Sonny and Allie. Will acknowledges that he made that stupid choice on his own so now he has to live with the consequences.

Eric joins Nicole and Allie where they are looking in at Allie's son on the nursery. Allie says she still hasn't made up her mind about the adoption. Nicole asks if she's ready to go back to her room. Allie then changes her mind about wanting to hold her baby.

Claire returns home to Marlena. Marlena is so glad she's there. Claire says thank God they found Ben. Marlena mentions going to check on him in a bit. Claire says that Ben actually seems like he will be alright. Marlena credits Claire for realizing Eve was the one who had the motivation to kidnap Ben, otherwise they might not have been able to rescue him.

Hope joins Rafe in the interrogation room at the police station. Rafe praises her for a great job in New York. Hope is thankful to Claire and Chloe for putting them onto Eve. Rafe asks how Ben is. Hope tells him that Ciara is with him at the hospital where he's being checked out because Vincent gave him a pretty bad beating. Rafe says he heard Hope gave Vincent a beating and tied him up. Hope points out that he still got away. Rafe tells her that he put an APB out on him as soon as he got the call. Hope insists they have to track him down because as long as they are out there, Ben and Ciara are still in danger.

Vincent is outside on the phone with Eve, saying he knows things didn't work out but at least Hope and Ciara triggered the alarm which allowed Eve to escape. Vincent assures that he's fine and he's now in Salem. Vincent adds that no one saw him and that she's been perfectly clear about what she wants him to do. Vincent tells her that he will keep her posted and that he will see this through to the bitter end.

Ben is asleep in his hospital bed, having nightmares about being tortured by Vincent. Ben wakes up in a panic as Ciara rushes in and asks him what happened.

Nicole suggests Eric take Allie back to her room while she talks to the nurse about getting Allie to hold the baby. Allie tells Eric about being confused since she had two great options to adopt her baby but now she has none. Allie asks Eric to pray that she doesn't screw this up since it seems she only has one more shot to get it right as they hug.

Will tells Sami that he knew she was making a mistake but he decided not to tell Allie or Sonny about it. Will admits that he thought if he did then Allie would make up with Rafe and they wouldn't get the baby. Will feels he was selfish and is still being selfish now by forgiving Sami. Will remarks that he always forgives her. Sami hugs him and cries that she's so glad. Sami questions why that's being selfish. Will notes that he's still mad at her but if he doesn't forgive her then he can't expect Sonny to forgive him.

Vincent tells Eve there is one small problem; they showed up before he was able to complete the treatment. Vincent reveals he managed to sneak into the hospital, wearing scrubs, and pretended to be a physician to get in to Ben's room. Vincent declares that the final dose of drugs should be in Ben's system as they speak. Vincent is sure Ben is itching to kill Ciara now.

Ciara asks Ben if he's okay. Ben thinks back to Eve and Vincent trying to force him to use the necktie on the mannequin. Ciara encourages that he just had a nightmare but it's over and Eve can't do anything else to him. Ben continues having flashbacks but states that it's all over now.

Eric gets Allie back in her hospital bed. Allie tells him that she's trying to get used to the idea that she's probably going to turn her baby over to a complete stranger. Eric reminds her that's not her only option. Allie asks if he means keeping it which she feels is doing it Sami's way. Eric encourages her not to be set against it just to spite her mom. Allie then asks if Sami sent him here to talk her in to doing what she wants.

Rafe doesn't get why Eve went through all the trouble to kidnap Ben and hire Vincent to torture him instead of just killing him on the spot. Hope hopes that Ben will able to tell them when the drugs wear off because right now he has no idea what happened to him.

Ben tries to kiss Ciara but starts coughing so Ciara gets him water. Ben remarks that he was starting to feel more like himself but now he just feels strange again and he doesn't know how to describe it.

Claire tells Marlena that Hope and Ciara were the real heroes. Marlena points out that Claire stayed loyal to Ciara even though she wrongly accused her of trying to sabotage her wedding. Claire says she had to convince her that she would never hurt her again as she's not the same person she used to be. Marlena knows how hard she worked to change and she's so incredibly proud of her. Claire tells her it means the world to her and thanks her, saying she doesn't know what she would do without her.

Sami assures Will that he and Sonny are going to be okay as they've been through too much. Sami hopes she can say the same about her and Allie. Sami mentions asking Eric to talk to her but they had a fight so he might not do it. Will asks if she wants Eric to pressure her into making peace with her, feeling it's too soon for that. Sami argues that Allie has to make a huge life changing decision before leaving the hospital and questions if she's going to talk it through with Nicole. Sami then declares that she has to go because Allie needs her and runs out of the mansion.

Eric tells Allie that he would never try to talk her out of doing what she thinks is best for her baby. Eric clarifies that Sami didn't ask him to do that but she did ask him to talk to her. Allie complains that Sami never gives up and says she can forget it because she went behind her back with Rafe and Will. Eric asks if it's possible that Allie's anger at Sami is clouding her ability to make decisions on an option she can live with. Eric asks if she's deciding against Will and Sonny because it would be what Sami wants. Eric suggests giving Will another chance. Nicole comes in with the baby and hands him over to Allie to hold.

Lucas goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with a stroller for Will but Will reveals to him that they aren't getting the baby.

Allie holds her baby and says she never thought of him as anything but a problem but now he's a whole person. Eric points out that Allie went through a lot to bring a healthy baby into this world. Allie responds that now she has to keep it that way. Sami enters the room, surprised to see Allie holding her baby and asks if she changed her mind about keeping the baby.

Claire tells Marlena that she always knew she could count on her but she can't believe she used to think she could count on Eve. Claire talks about how Eve ruined the dress, stole the ring, and poisoned Ciara's drink to set her up so everyone would think she bombed the church. Marlena points out that Eve has been through the worst thing any parent could go through when her daughter was murdered and ever since, she's been trying to strike out at everybody, especially Ben. Marlena states that Eve seeing Ben happy is unbearable for her. Claire relates to how she used to be like that but swears she will never be that miserable again. Claire hopes that Ciara and Ben have a long, beautiful, and boring life together. Marlena says they've been through so much so they might just welcome boring.

Ben comments that he can't believe he's going home as soon as his IV is done going through his arm. Ciara talks about taking care of him. Ben feels on the edge of a memory of what happened to him. Ben starts hearing when he was imagining Ciara's voice asking him not to kill her. Ciara asks if he just remembered something but Ben claims it's still all blank.

Marlena reminds Claire that she was thinking about going back to Hong Kong and asks what she thinks now that Ben is back. Claire asks what Marlena would think about her staying here. Marlena says she would love that and asks what changed her mind. Claire says she wants to be with her parents but Salem is her home. Claire adds that Ciara is finally starting to trust her again and she definitely doesn't want to miss seeing Allie's baby when it's born. Marlena realizes she doesn't know and informs her that Allie had the baby while Claire was in New York. Allie points out that's really early. Marlena assures everything is fine.

Eric thought Sami was going to give Allie space. Sami says she did but Eric says he meant more than an hour. Allie tells Sami that she hasn't made any decision yet but having her here is a major distraction. Sami brings up that Allie didn't want to hold the baby at first. Allie points out that it was Nicole's idea. Eric suggests they go get coffee. Allie asks them not to leave her alone with Sami. Eric thinks it's best that she hears what Sami has to say. Eric warns Sami not to blow it because she might not get another chance. Eric and Nicole then exit the room. Sami tells Allie that she just came to apologize.

Vincent sneaks back in to the hospital wearing scrubs and peeks in to Ben's room. Ciara brings up giving Ben a sponge bath the last time he was in the hospital and offers to do it again but Ben says they can do it at home because he wants to be with his wife. Ben points out that they never really had a real wedding night. Ciara talks about how beautiful the room was. Ben assures they will still have that night and it will be much more special. Vincent hides around the corner and remarks that tonight will be special...

Rafe tells Hope that Ben's screening came back practically clean. Hope is surprised and guesses whatever they gave him is out of his system now. Rafe says at least he can go home. Hope prays that whatever drug they gave him doesn't have any after effects.. Rafe brings up Eve working with Dr. Rolf. Hope hopes she didn't get her hands on more of his experimental drugs. They arrive at the hospital while Vincent watches from behind a door. Rafe and Hope go to Ben's room, where he and Ciara are kissing. Hope jokes that she's glad to see Ben is feeling better. Rafe asks if he can ask Ben a few questions which he agrees to.

Nicole tells Eric that it must be hard for him being at the hospital. Eric acknowledges it being where Mackenzie died and how he never got to hold her as Nicole hugs him.

Sami tells Allie that Rafe was always going to say he couldn't adopt her baby, no matter what she said to him. Allie questions if this is her apology. Sami says she can't apologize for wanting her to live her best life. Allie argues that just means doing what she wants like she has all the answers. Sami knows she's not the wisest woman in the world but she knows Allie is learning her baby is going to be part of her forever whether she raises him or someone else does. Sami knows Allie has spent months trying to make the right decision for her baby and now she's holding him in her arms. Sami encourages her and cries about the bond between her and the baby. Allie then admits there is a bond but that doesn't mean she'd be a good mother as she doesn't even know who she is yet and doesn't want to screw him up. Sami suggests learning from all the mistakes she made with her and then she'll be the most amazing mom in the world.

Lucas questions Sami making Will lie to Sonny. Will blames himself since Sami asked him to keep his mouth shut but he didn't have to do it so it was his decision not to say anything to Sonny and Allie. Lucas says it sounds like she had him between a rock and a hard place. Lucas encourages that Sonny will calm down and understand while Allie will just blame Sami. Will wishes he was that optimistic. They joke about Allie acting on impulse. Lucas suggests maybe Allie could change her mind about giving the baby to Will and Sonny. Will hopes so. Lucas tells him not to lose hope as he may still be able to adopt his nephew.

Allie asks if just doing the opposite of what Sami did will make her mother of the year. Sami calls it a start. Allie points out that Sami didn't mean to have any of them. Allie brings up Sami letting Will think Lucas was his uncle for years, getting pregnant with twins by two different guys, and then having Sydney with EJ. Sami admits none of them were planned. Allie calls them mistakes but Sami argues that accidents are completely different. Sami says she didn't know how much she wanted to be a mom until she had Will. Sami declares now she would walk through fire for all four of her kids and she knows Allie is feeling the same way. Allie admits that is exactly how she feels and she never thought she could love anyone this much. Sami encourages that the love just grows every day. Allie tells Sami that she's really glad that they had this talk because now she knows exactly what she needs to do.

Marlena shows Claire photos of Allie's baby. Claire doesn't know how Allie can stand to give him up. Marlena says that Allie wants what's best for him and she may decide that's not being with her but whatever she decides, they will support her.

Sami questions Allie knowing what she has to do after holding her baby. Sami says she's glad she could be here to help her with that. Allie points out that the baby needs a diaper change. Sami asks if she can hold him and offers to take him back to the nursery for her which Allie allows.

Nicole tells Eric that if anyone was born to be a father, it's him. Eric feels like he is Holly's dad. Nicole agrees and suggests they think about adopting a brother or sister for Holly. Sami comes over with Allie's baby. Eric asks how it went with Allie. Sami says they won't believe her but she thanks Nicole for convincing Allie to see and hold the baby. Sami cries that now Allie said she knows what she has to do so she really thinks she's going to keep him.

Ben knows somebody worked him over because of how he feels but he doesn't remember any of it. Rafe hopes it will all come back to him soon enough. Ciara asks what Rafe thinks Eve was trying to do to Ben. Rafe guesses Eve couldn't stand to see them happy so she wanted Ben to die a slow, painful death. Hope suggests Ben get some rest. Ben admits he's exhausted but he just wants to go home. Ciara points out that he still has half a bag of fluid left in his IV. Ben then takes the IV out and says he wants to go home to be alone with his wife.

Sami, Nicole, and Eric go back to Allie's hospital room but find that Allie is gone.

Ciara and Ben walk through the town square together to the Salem Inn. Vincent enters the town square behind them. He calls Eve to tell her that Ben just took Ciara to the Salem Inn and that it will be Ciara's last night on this earth.

Ben carries Ciara into their hotel room. Ciara says she's so happy to have him back as they kiss onto the bed. Ben stops and says he has to do something first. Ben goes back and puts a do not disturb sign on the door.

Claire asks Marlena if she's sure with her staying in Salem. Marlena tells her that she's beyond sure and John will be over the moon. Claire thanks them for believing in her and doesn't know what she'd do without them. Marlena assures that they will always be here for her as they hug.

Will tells Lucas that he's never going to pressure Allie into anything ever again. Will mentions Sami going to the hospital so he's sure she's giving her hell about keeping the baby and he thought Lucas wanted that too. Lucas says he's learned it doesn't matter what he wants so he just wants his kids to be happy and his grandchild to be safe.

Sami complains that no one at the nurses station has seen Allie. Eric finds a note that Allie left that says not to worry about her as she'll be fine but she had to get out because she finally figured out what's best for the baby and it isn't for her. Eric then reads that Allie wrote that what she wants is for Nicole to raise her son, leaving her and Sami shocked.

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