Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/20/20

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/20/20


Written By Joseph

Justin meets Sonny outside and asks if he saw Will. Sonny confirms that he left the papers with him. Justin asks if he hadn't signed them yet. Sonny informs him that they did so their marriage is legally and officially over. Justin hugs him and tells him he's sorry. Justin mentions that he could've just given the papers to Will's lawyer but Sonny insisted on seeing Will in person to ask him one more time if he was sure this is what he wanted. Sonny says it's not what Will wants but he said it's how it has to be. Sonny doesn't think Will saw a future for them and for him, their marriage ended the night that he killed Adrienne. Justin remembers that day so vividly and notes that it was Mother's Day so they wanted it to be so special for Adrienne..

Last Mother's Day...

Justin and Sonny flash back to last Mother's Day where Justin, Sonny, and Will were preparing Mother's Day plans for Adrienne. Adrienne had walked in and talked about working at the Spectator until they reminded her that it's Mother's Day. They tried to talk her in to taking the day off but Adrienne insisted that she couldn't, saying the newspaper couldn't survive a day without her.

Last year on Mother's Day, Eric and Holly prepared breakfast for Nicole at their apartment.

Last year on Mother's Day, Sarah and Maggie had dinner together and talked about how Sarah was about to become a mother.

Last year on Mother's Day, Brady woke up in bed with Kristen and talked about their baby being born son. Kristen suggested going for a walk but Brady informed her that John invited him over to celebrate Mother's Day with Marlena.

Last year on Mother's Day, John brought Marlena home as she got back to town for a quick visit. John told her that Brady and Eric were coming over. Marlena couldn't wait to spend the day with them and hugged John, calling herself a lucky woman. Marlena asked if John's new roommate would be joining them. John informed her that Ciara took "Hope" out for brunch though he felt she wasn't too into it. They talked about "Hope's" house having damage from the flood. John asked Marlena if it was still bugging her that "Hope" was staying there. Marlena responded that it was because she likes having him to herself. John tells her that he wanted to show her how much he missed her before Brady and Eric come over so they went to the bedroom together.

Brady invited Kristen to come with him but Kristen felt she's the last person that John and Marlena wanted to spend the holiday with. Kristen didn't want Brady to have to choose between her and his family. Brady says they will have to accept they are together. Kristen assured she'd be fine here but Brady said he loved her and their baby and he wants the world to know as they kissed.

Sarah guessed that Maggie must have been thinking about her other kids as well. Maggie mentioned getting a gift from Melissa but not hearing from Summer in quite some time. Maggie talked about missing Daniel every day. Xander approached and asked if there was room for one more.

Justin told Adrienne that they had something very special planned for her today. Adrienne says that's sweet but she has to go to work. Will offered to cover for her. Adrienne brought up Will's plans with Sonny to celebrate Mother's Day with Arianna and Gabi. Sonny decided he could handle that while Will could fill in for her. Adrienne was unsure but Justin insisted on celebrating how much they love her. Will called it his Mother's Day gift to her.

Brady gave Kristen a bracelet for Mother's Day.

Xander gave Maggie and Sarah gifts for Mother's Day.

Eric and Nicole ate pancakes with Holly then decided to go out for brunch. Nicole and Eric told each other that they had never been happy and that they loved one another.

Marlena finished call with Sami on Mother's Day. She received flowers from Belle. Marlena told John that Sami had not heard from Will.

Adrienne told Will to make sure to promise to call her if anything comes up as she thanked him for covering for her. Justin told Adrienne that she was about to be spoiled as he walked her out. Sonny thanked Will for saving the day. Will responded that she was his mom too. Will and Sonny talked about Adrienne's support of them. Will said he was grateful to have Adrienne in their lives. Sonny said she would have a great day thanks to him. Sonny told Will that marrying him was the best decision he ever made as they kiss. Will then went to get his laptop for work while Sonny called out to him not to forget to call his mom.

Justin brought Adrienne to their room and gave her a robe for a spa day. Justin told her how beautiful she was and talked about everything they had been through to be the happiest they've ever been as they kissed.

Brady and Kristen went to John and Marlena's for Mother's Day. Brady gave Marlena a gift and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. Brady explained that he didn't want Kristen to be alone on Mother's Day so he hoped they would welcome her.

Xander gave Maggie a World's Best Grandma mug for Mother's Day. Xander talked about preparing to be a father to Sarah's baby while Sarah was annoyed. Maggie asked if they had discussed baby names. Eric and Nicole arrived at the restaurant with Holly where Eric asked if they were having a boy. Sarah said they didn't know yet so they were talking about names. Nicole and Holly went over to wish Maggie a Happy Mother's Day. Nicole said they were sorry for interrupting and went to get a table. Eric told Sarah that he hoped the birth goes smoothly.

Justin and Adrienne laid in bed together, talking about raising great children when they didnt't expect to have any. They talked about when Sonny lost Will but now they are all happy together. Justin said they would be sharing many years to come as they kissed.

Sonny told Will that Arianna wanted a puppy. Sonny asked if Will called his mom yet. Will said he almost forgot.

Marlena thought Kristen was on bed rest. Brady said their baby was full term so it's good for her to be out and about. Kristen said she knows John and Marlena aren't happy that she's with Brady. Marlena brings up Kristen trying to kidnap her daughter and kill everyone at their wedding. Kristen said she regrets those things but she loves Brady with all her heart so they are going to build a life with their child. Kristen added that she never thought she could carry a child or that they might be a family but here they are. Kristen didn't expect them to be best friends but she's willing to try and make peace, otherwise she would leave now. After they hesitated, Kristen started to leave but Marlena stopped her and said it's clear that Brady loves her so maybe having a baby is the best reason to start over. Marlena agreed to try. Brady called that one of the best gifts.

Xander encouraged Sarah to eat her food while she told him to back off, insisting she could take care of herself. Sarah blamed it on being tired and pregnant. Xander offered to take her home but Sarah shouted that she could take care of herself. Sarah told Xander to go back to the office and let her have the day with her mom. Maggie decided to give them a moment and left the table. Xander questioned why she was so angry with him. Sarah admitted he had been great but the whole thing is pretend since he's not the baby's father.

Justin and Adrienne came back downstairs. Sonny told her they were setting up her spa in the living room. Will told her to forget about work for the rest of the day as he's all over it. Sonny and Will gave Adrienne a framed photo of the three of them together for Mother's Day which Adrienne said she would treasure for the rest of her life..

Eric told Nicole that he promised to go see Marlena for Mother's Day and asked to take Holly with him. Nicole said she would meet him back at home as he left with Holly. Sarah told Xander that Eric is obviously happy with Nicole which is why she didn't tell him about the baby but she was never comfortable lying to him. Sarah reminded Xander that this situation was fake. Xander talked about preparing for the baby's arrival for months. Sarah didn't think he should be in the delivery room. Xander argued that she couldn't do it alone. Sarah went to go find Maggie while Nicole overheard from her table.

Adrienne talked about Will and Sonny being happy in love making her and Justin happy. Justin took Adrienne in to the living room for her massage while Will and Sonny said they'd be back later. Adrienne reminded Will to call his mother.

Brady got Marlena a purse for Mother's Day. Kristen showed the bracelet that Brady got her. Eric arrived with Holly but stopped to question what Kristen was doing there.

Justin walked through the town square and called Adrienne, who told him that she enjoyed her massage but felt guilty about having Will fill in for her at work. Justin encouraged that it was Will's Mother's Day gift to her. Adrienne responded that the real gift was how happy he makes Sonny every day.

Sonny and Will walked through the town square after buying earrings for Gabi for Mother's Day. Sonny thanked Will again for filling in for Adrienne. Will said it's the least he could do. Will remembers to finally call his own mom. Sonny says before he does, there's something he wanted to say. Sonny wondered if they could have more happiness as he suggested that he and Will should start talking about having another kid.

Brady told Eric that he and Kristen are together and that John and Marlena accepted it so he hoped Eric would too. John took Holly while Eric demanded to talk to Brady outside so they stepped out. Eric questioned Brady bringing Kristen. Brady didn't want her alone on Mother's Day which Eric complained about. Brady encouraged forgiveness but Eric argued that what she did was unforgivable.

Nicole came over to Xander and commented that it looked like his date dumped her. Xander said Sarah was just tired. Nicole remarked that she could feel the tension between them across the room. Xander said she wasn't keen on him acting like the dad to be in front of Eric. Xander commented on Nicole keeping the secret for her own selfish reasons. Nicole said she hated lying to the man she loves and she wished she never knew Sarah was having Eric's baby. Xander told her to keep her mouth shut and Eric will never know the truth as Nicole then left.

Sarah and Maggie went home to the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah wanted to go lay down. Maggie argued that Sarah avoided talking all the way home so she questioned why she was so harsh on Xander. Sarah then got a pain and said she thought she was going in to labor.

Eric did not believe that Kristen had changed. Brady didn't want to ruin Mother's Day for Marlena so he asked to not fight. Eric brought up how many times Kristen tried to kill Marlena while Brady pointed out that Marlena was willing to forgive and accept her. Brady asked Eric to put aside his feelings for Kristen for one day.

Kristen told Marlena that she couldn't blame Eric for hating her for what she did but she's a different person now. Marlena would like to believe Brady's love and the pregnancy had changed her. Kristen said she was grateful that she was willing to make a new beginning with her. Kristen's water then broke on Marlena's shoes and she declared they were about to have a baby..

To be continued...

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