Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/20

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/20


Written By Joseph

Eve walks out of the town square and calls Vincent, complaining that Ben is on his way to Marlena's office now to find out why he was having a nightmare last night. Vincent asks what she wants him to do about it. Eve wants him to make sure the session doesn't happen and to give Ben another dose guaranteed to make him have absolutely no feelings for Ciara so that he will kill her, no more excuses.

Jake tells Gabi that Gwen was not happy last night when he walked out on her to help Gabi. Gabi complains that her jealousy is really annoying her. Jake thinks there is more to it than that. Jake tells Gabi that he got home last night and told Gwen that she needed his help on the meeting because Chad flaked out and that it didn't go so well. Gabi points out that Chad was suddenly back. Jake adds that Gwen just said to him a few moments ago that she's certain Chad is putting an end to Gabi's manipulative ways as they speak. Jake feels it's like she knew Chad was there. Jake then says there's no way as she wouldn't do it. Gabi then declares that Gwen tipped off Chad.

Gwen tells Chad that there's no shot in hell that Jake could pull off a business dinner. Chad says it's a good thing that Shin is looking for a CEO, not a mechanic. Chad adds that almost everyone he knows wants something bad to happen to Gabi. Chad says he has to clean up the mess they made and thanks Gwen for the heads up. Gwen tells him that it's been nice working with him and screwing Gabi over. Chad calls it a good arrangement and says as long as they keep their alliance a secret, he thinks they can stay a few steps ahead of them.

Gabi insists to Jake that Gwen tipped Chad off about their dinner with Shin. Jake points out they don't know for sure. Gabi argues that Gwen can't keep her mouth shut and calls her a tramp. Jake argues that Gwen is not a tramp, she's a one man woman and he's that man.

Rafe puts Hope's badge back on her and they get close until Ciara walks in. Ciara wonders if she was interrupting.

Ben goes to Marlena's office but instead finds Vincent at her desk. Ben shuts the door and grabs Vincent, asking where Marlena is. Vincent responds that he's afraid she won't be joining them and they are going to pick up where they left off.

Claire walks out of the town square and bumps in to Eve. Eve tells her that she doesn't have time for this. Claire argues that they both know the only reason that she's back in Salem and she's not going to let her hurt Ben, Ciara, or anyone else. Eve questions what she's doing. Claire tries to call the police but Eve takes her phone and says she can't let her do that.

Rafe informs Ciara that he was just welcoming Hope back to the police force. Hope explains that she thought maybe she could make up for some of the damage she caused. Ciara points out that she was brainwashed so the damage wasn't her.

Ben questions what Vincent did to Marlena. Vincent says she had an emergency that demanded her immediate attention. Ben warns him about doing anything to her. Vincent demands Ben let him go. Ben asks what the hell he did to him. Vincent responds that he picked up where Ben's father left off.

Gabi mocks Gwen's devotion to Jake. Gabi argues that Gwen went straight to Chad to ruin any chance Jake had at being anything but a mechanic. Jake repeats that they don't know for sure. Gabi decides she knows how to find out.

Chad tells Gwen that one setback won't stop Gabi. Gwen says she has noticed the way she flings herself at Jake. Chad insists that Gabi wants money and power more than anyone he's ever met so this war won't be over after one battle. Chad asks if he can continue to rely on Gwen's support. Gwen tells him that she will do anything it takes to bring Gabi down. Gwen adds that she does have a favor to ask since she's helping him so she thinks it's only fair he sweetens her end of the deal. Chad asks what she wants. Gwen responds that she wants him in her bed and drops her robe.

Rafe tells Ciara that they still haven't found Eve but having Hope back on the case will help because she's the best detective there is. Ciara reminds them to go after Vincent too. Hope says they won't stop until they find him. Ciara notes that it seems Eve has left Salem. Hope says they can't be sure and warns them not to let their guard down. Rafe adds that obsessives don't give up. Hope notes that Ben is still at risk. Rafe points out that they don't know where Eve or Vincent are.

Claire tells Eve that she's not afraid of her. Claire says everybody knows she blew up the church and kidnapped Ben so now she's back trying to get him again. Eve doesn't know why Claire cares about what happens to Ben.

Ben questions why he let Vincent go. Vincent sits Ben down and says he will get used to doing what he tells him to. Ben has flashbacks to being tortured. Ben says he tries to remember but he can't remember what Vincent did. Vincent says that's because he doesn't want him to and he won't remember this session either. Vincent adds that Ben won't even remember seeing him here. Vincent says he is getting Ben's will under his control and conditioning him to do as he's told. Ben asks what he was told. Vincent says he was told to murder his wife.

Chad tells Gwen that she's being ridiculous. Gwen clarifies that she said she wanted him in her bed, not that she wanted to have sex with him. Chad questions if she just wants to cuddle. Gwen explains that she sent Jake to get her coffee so he'll be back any minute and she wants him to come back to Chad pretending to make love to her. Chad questions if she stole Gabi's playbook. Gwen knows Jake may have a wandering eye but he loves her and tends to make her jealous at times so this will make him crazy. Chad says Jake will take the crazy out on him so he's not going to get beat up for Gwen's revenge. Gwen sees someone coming so she grabs Chad and kisses him as Gabi then walks in and sees them.

Ciara questions Eve coming back to town. Rafe says she might already be here. Ciara argues that she can't possibly take the risk. Hope doesn't think she focuses on the risk. Ciara wishes this was all over. Rafe asks how Ben is. Ciara says he's physically okay but mentally, whatever happened to him really got to him. Hope suggests he get some help. Ciara informs them that he's seeing Marlena now.

Ben has more flashbacks to Eve and Vincent trying to get him to wrap the necktie around the mannequin with Ciara's face displayed on it. Ben questions Vincent telling him to kill Ciara. Vincent says he knows part of Ben wants to lunge at him and defend her honor but that's not in the cards. Ben argues that he'll never hurt her. Ben says Vincent may mess with his mind and try to brainwash him but there's nothing anyone can do to make him hurt Ciara ever. Vincent says when it comes to killing pretty young women, Ben can't help himself.

Eve tells Claire it's her duty to get revenge on Ben. Claire argues that Eve blew up a church full of innocent people. Eve argues they were celebrating a murderer getting everything he wanted. Eve asks if Claire stopped to think when she set the cabin on fire. Eve argues that Claire felt she had the right to burn Ciara alive. Eve says that Ben strangled the life out of her daughter and killed her. Eve adds that everyone else may forget what Ben did so if there was a death or two, it would've just been collateral damage. Claire says she is scaring her which Eve says is good. Eve reminds Claire that when she was going through her personal hell, she didn't turn her in and was there for her so Eve asks Claire to walk away and forget she ever saw her so she can get the justice she deserves.

Gabi pulls out her phone and tells Gwen and Chad not to let her stop them as she will send it to Abigail. Chad questions if they were in this together since they think alike. Gabi argues that now she has proof that they are in bed together and asks if Gwen is going to tell Jake about this or if she should.

Claire tells Eve that she can't let her hurt more people. Eve says she always thought of Claire as a daughter. Claire asks if she's supposed to be grateful to her and calls her an enabler. Eve argues that she was her friend, who was looking out for her. Claire brings up how Eve framed her for blowing up the church and kidnapping Ben. Claire blames Eve for everyone thinking she was crazy again. Eve responds that she doesn't even know what she's talking about in regards to framing her.

Rafe asks if Ben is remembering what Eve and Vincent did to him. Ciara says no but she thinks that's kind of a good thing. Ciara hopes Marlena can help Ben and says he should be about finished so she's going to meet up with him. Hope reminds her not to let her guard down as they hug. Ciara tells Rafe to try not to let Hope go this time as she exits the room. Hope assures that Ciara was talking about them working together. Rafe calls it excellent advice.

Vincent tells Ben that randomly strangling young women isn't a bad habit but a compulsion. Ben responds that he's not that same person. Vincent says he might not want to be but he is. Ben shouts that he's not crazy. Vincent calls him a murdering psychopath and says he couldn't make him kill anyone if he wasn't, but part of him likes to kill and he knows how to get to that part of him. Ben tells Vincent that he may have messed with his mind but he'll never hurt Ciara. Ben says he will get as far away from her as possible and never see her again if he has to. Vincent says as much as Ben hates it, he's the boss of him. Vincent states that Ben's conscious mind is trying to battle his subconscious and he's about to give his subconscious a power boost. Vincent raises a syringe and calls it a performing enhancing drug for psychos. Vincent brings up that Ben killed four people and made headlines then got caught and convicted but got out and married the police commissioner's daughter. Vincent jokes that when Ben kills Ciara, he'll secure a place in the serial killer hall of fame. Vincent declares he'll be giving him one more dose of the drug.

Chad mocks Gwen's plan. Chad brings up Gabi with Jake. Gabi tells Chad that Mr. Shin noticed his absence at the meeting when showing up is one of the CEO's major duties. Gabi decides she's going to tell Jake about Chad and Gwen. Gabi warns Chad that when he goes back to Florida to try to save his marriage, she'll be here making sure he loses DiMera. Gabi then exits the room.

Hope doesn't think Ciara was giving Rafe advice. Rafe thinks Ciara liked what she saw. Hope says they were just being friendly and that was it. Rafe thinks Ciara also sensed that they were in a different, better place. Hope calls it a relief to be comfortable with each other again. Rafe says he's happy about that too. Rafe decides it's time to get to work. Hope says their top priority is finding Eve and Vincent.

Vincent tells Ben that this drug will ensure, the next time he sees his wife, he will kill her. Vincent goes to inject Ben with the syringe when Ciara knocks on the door.

Claire questions Eve denying that she framed her and made it look like she blew up the church and kidnapped Ben. Claire says everyone knows it was Eve so she doesn't give a damn. Claire tells Eve that she needs help. Eve says she doesn't have time for this. Claire urges her to turn herself in and says she's done the same kind of horrible things so she knows. Claire says she was crazy and dangerous but now now while Eve still is. Claire repeats that Eve needs help, not revenge, because killing Ben won't bring Paige back but it will kill any chance she has of being a human being. Claire calls Eve pathetic so Eve then slaps her. Claire adds that Paige would agree with her and would want her to get help. Claire suggests maybe they bumped into each other so that she can help her. Claire asks her to let her help her for Paige.

Ciara continues knocking on the door to Marlena's office. Ben then answers the door. Ciara asks if he didn't hear her knocking as Ben looks back behind him. Ciara asks if everything is okay.

Gwen tells Chad to go because Jake is going to come storming in and Chad should call Abigail before Gabi does. Gwen adds that she'll back him up and apologizes for screwing up his marriage. Chad assures that Abigail knows he doesn't want anyone but her. Gwen feels like an ass. Chad says she should. Chad declares that he has to go talk to Shin. Chad then tells Gwen that this ends their working arrangement. Chad states that Jake blew the deal and that blows Gabi's chances at scoring with Shin. Gwen doesn't think it's Gabi that he needs to be worried about. Chad questions if she thinks he needs to worry about Jake. Chad says he doesn't think so.

Gabi goes to the living room where Li Shin is with Jake. Li tells her that he has news about the Collins deal. Gabi apologizes and offers to call Collins to make everything right. Li responds that he's afraid it's too late for that.

Eve tells Claire that the only help she needs is for Ben to feel the same kind of pain that she feels and she's already found someone to help her do that. Eve tells Claire that Ben and Ciara won't be there for her when she does something wrong again because she is crazy. Eve warns her not to trust them because she will make a mistake and they will lock her up and go on with their lives as if she doesn't matter at all. Eve tells her to have a nice day. Claire tries to stop her but Eve shoves her down and walks away.

Hope tells Rafe that she will go through the files and get back to him when she's up to speed. Rafe says it's good to have her back. Hope says it's good to be back. Hope goes to leave but Rafe stops her then just gives her another folder. Hope says she will get to work. Hope goes to leave and stops, saying the elephant in the room is not going away. Hope thinks they need to talk about what was happening when Ciara walked in.

Ciara asks Ben where Marlena is. Ben says she had an emergency. Ciara questions him staying in her office. Ben says he figured he'd see if she came back but she didn't. Ben tells Ciara that he wants to go home and be alone with her so they exit together.

Chad gets a call and is told that the deal with Collins was closed. Gwen says she told him so.

Li informs Gabi that the Collins deal is closed as it turns out he liked Jake and said he was a breath of fresh air. Gabi questions why they didn't close the deal last night. Li says that Collins said he was having too much fun. Li thanks Gabi for bringing Jake to the meeting and tells him good work. Li says he will call later and exits. Gabi doesn't know what to say. Jake suggests thanking him.

Rafe tells Hope that before Ciara walked in, they were alone and a lot was happening at once. Rafe says the cop in him was happy the best cop he knows is back on the force while the man in him was grateful that his friend was back to her old wonderful self and the guy in him just kind of came out so he's sorry. Hope tells him that she likes that cop, that man, and that guy. Hope suggests they just be friends for now and just be cops for awhile. Rafe agrees and says he's so looking forward to working with her. Rafe welcomes her back to the force and they shake hands. Hope responds that it's really good to be back. Hope takes her stack of files and exits the office.

Ciara and Ben walk through the town square. She stops to ask him what's wrong. Ben wishes he could've talked to Marlena but assures that he's fine. Ciara tells him it's okay after what he went through. Ciara encourages that he will see Marlena and she will make him feel better. Ciara adds that Rafe and Hope are looking for Eve and Vincent. Ben says Vincent's name as he looks at Ciara's necklace. Ciara asks if something is wrong with her necklace. Claire then rushes up and informs them that she just saw Eve back in Salem.

Eve looks at a photo of Paige, promising that Ben will pay for what he did to her. Vincent joins her. Eve asks if it's done. Vincent says no so Eve asks why not. Vincent explains that Ciara was walking in and he thought it was better that she didn't see him but the treatment is working. Vincent says that Ben no longer has a will of his own and is going to do exactly as he tells him. Eve declares that Ben will finally kill Ciara and understand what he did to her.

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