Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/14/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/14/15


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Stefano: You killed my daughter. How would you have it end, Marlena?

Marlena: I don't think that this is about Kristen.

Stefano: No?

Marlena: No. You see, I know you better than anybody on earth knows you. And I think... I think it's about me. I think you have finally found a way, an excuse, to rid yourself of me and the obsession you feel towards me.

Stefano: Oh, please! Stop with the psychoanalysis, huh? Let's take a trip down memory lane instead, huh? Where to begin?

Marlena: A stroll down memory lane, you say. So you can have me recall all the times you have tormented me, tormented my family over the years. I am curious about something else. Uh, if the police should happen to find us--

Stefano: Well, I would not concern myself about that, Marlena. No one is going to find us.

Marlena: You sound very sure of that.

Stefano: Oh, yes. You see, I was very, very careful when I purchased this place. No one knows that it exists. But this time, it's a little bit different, because people know this place. But they didn't until you came here. You thought that you got away with killing my daughter, and I will have no problem getting away with killing you.

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