Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/4/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/4/15


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Paul: I wanted grandpa to know too, mom. That's why I asked you both to come to Salem.

Tori: Why did he have to hear about this at all? He's an old man, Paul. Couldn't you have just kept this a secret until he was gone?

Paul: No. Because this is who I am. And it's the truth.

Tori: Some truths don't have to be broadcast to the universe.

Paul: This does. You know, someone I know told me that this could help a lot of young kids who are ashamed of who they are. Who are afraid to come out to there families. Wouldn't that be a good thing? If I could help people? If my life was about more than just my E.R.A. And my arm? I mean, mom, I have to tell you, if I had known one baseball player, one openly gay player, someone I rooted for, someone I looked up to as a player, as a man, then maybe I wouldn't have had to struggle with this so much. Maybe I wouldn't have lived in constant fear of being outed. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so damned alone! And it probably would have helped me be brave. Brave enough to be honest with you about who I really am a whole lot sooner.

Tori: Seriously, Paul. Do you think that I didn't already know?

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