Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/14/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/14/15


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Jennifer: What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? You were so wonderfully verbal just now, making nasty insinuations about my son. So tell me what it is. What? No, don't you dare walk out of this, don't you dare barge in my house making baseless accusations about JJ. Tell me what it is.

Eve: Baseless?

Jennifer: Yeah. It sounds like.

Eve: Well, I'll tell you what I know, Jennifer. But you better sit down because, uh, you're not gonna like what you hear. Oh, Jennifer, you have a very short memory. Don't you remember JJ, the pot-head? Yeah. All those stoners in high school knew that he was the man to hook them up with drugs. And don't forget what he did at that storefront. Smashing all those windows? My gosh, it's a wonder that he is not in jail right now.

Jennifer: Eve, yes, that is all common knowledge. JJ was a boy in a lot of pain because he lost his father, who he adored. So yeah, he did some really stupid, self-destructive things. But you know what, that is in his past and everyone that knows JJ can see that. Except for you for some reason, because the minute he started dating Paige, you have been after him. You have been trying to break them apart. You have been literally trying to ruin his life.

Eve: Don't you think you're being just a little bit melodramatic here?

Jennifer: No, I don't. But I don't understand why, because other than the fact that, yes, he is my son, what has he ever done to you?

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