Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/2/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/2/14


Provided By Wanda

EJ: Nicki, I've had absolutely nothing to do with my sister since she came back to Salem.

Nicole: Oh, please. Do not kid a kidder.

EJ: What she did to Eric was deplorable. Beyond the pale.

Nicole: Right. Except you knew all about it before anyone else did, and you kept it quiet. So maybe you didn't think it was "beyond the pale" back then. I don't know, but maybe--maybe you were thinking it was actually ingenious.

EJ: Okay. It was nice seeing you, Nicki.

Nicole: It's ironic, though, isn't it? I mean, after all the hell that we put each other through, and-- that was another life. You get back with Sami, I fall in love with Eric all over again, and yet here we are. You're not with Sami, I'm not with Eric, because neither one of us could keep a houseplant alive, let alone maintain a relationship.

EJ: Oh, uh, I'm sorry, you have your facts wrong, not that that should be any real great surprise to either one of us, but, um... Samantha and I are actually back together, and we are doing better than we ever have.

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