Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/18/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/18/14


Provided By Wanda

Hope: Every year, the biggest donor of items for the auction is a woman named Giselle van hopper.

Aiden: Blue blood?

Hope: Bluest of the blue. She's all over the society pages. And she has an art collection that would make any small museum jealous.

Aiden: Well, my favorite kind of person.

Hope: Every year she donates a lithograph or two, and it raises more money for St. Luke's than all of the other donations put together. Only this year, she's decided not to participate.

Aiden: Why, what's her problem?

Hope: I don't know. I don't have any idea. But without her, we might as well not even have the gala.

Aiden: You're exaggerating, right? All right. What's her phone number?

Hope: Why? You gonna call her?

Aiden: Yeah, I'm gonna call her.

Hope: What are you gonna say?

Aiden: Look, I am not gonna be the event chairman that louses up the biggest moneymaker of the year three hours after I got the job. Is that who you want to be?

Hope: No, of course not.

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