Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/25/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/25/14


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Marlena: You want me to marry you? Are you serious?

Will: Very.

Marlena: Oh, honey, I'm so touched. But I--I'm just not--

Will: Grandma, my writing professor, he's always encouraging us to think of our lives as a story. Now when I do that, I know that you would be such an important character in the chapter that dealt with my coming out. You helped me through such a tough time. And you made me realize that being gay, it's not an option or a choice. It's who I am. And you assured me that I would find true love and happiness, and I have. But I could not have done it without you.

Sonny: He's right. You've been there from day one.

Will: Which is why we want you to be the one to marry us.

Marlena: Oh, I am so honored. But I have to say no.

Will: You don't wanna marry us?

Marlena: Will, no, I'm honored. But you wanna be married by somebody who can marry you legally. You need a justice of the peace, you need a minister.

Will: Grandma--

Marlena: Listen to me. Have you thought about the rector over at St. Georges Episcopal? I understand that he does same-sex marriages.

Sonny: We--we talked about Mr. Smith actually.

Will: We did.

Marlena: Oh, okay.

Will: But we decided it doesn't make sense for someone who doesn't know us or love us or who hasn't been a part of our relationship since we've been together to be the one to do it. But you... well, you fit the bill perfectly.

Marlena: Thank you. I understand that. But the thing is I'm not authorized to marry you.

Sonny: Oh, but you will be. And in plenty of time for our wedding. Your eyes really are unique.

Marlena: All righty. What is this?

Will: Sonny is amazing. He found this website where--

Sonny: I am amazing. I know how to find online ministers.

Marlena: So all I have to do is become a minister, hmm?

Sonny: It's a certification, it's not like a ministry thing, really. You just pay $58, and you sign some paperwork, and it's legal.

Marlena: Yeah. So you're sure that you wanna have a civil ceremony, hmm?

Will: I think so. Plus, that means that we get to have you. Not that we're strong-arming you or anything.

Sonny: We're totally strong-arming you.

Marlena: I understand, yes.

Will: It was just you're the one person that can make this have so much more meaning for us than if some random person did it.

Sonny: So?

Will: Will you do it?

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