Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/12/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/12/13


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Eric: I don't know, Kristen. It might be pretty hard to shock people these days.

Kristen: I'm not so sure about that. I guess you haven't heard about EJ and my father. It's like the civil war all over again, and ground zero is my living room. Only there's nothing civil about it, believe me.

Eric: I'm sure that's put you in a very uncomfortable position.

Kristen: You know, actually, it's the upheaval at home that has brought me here to you.

Eric: I'm not connecting the dots here. Having a little trouble.

Kristen: I'm sorry. Let me try to connect them for you.

Eric: If you wouldn't mind connecting the dots for me quickly because I kinda have--

Kristen: All the drama and the chaos, yeah, I get it. And I really hate to impose on your time. I'm kind of embarrassed, you know? I have found myself to be a lapsed Catholic lately. And my faith does mean a great deal to me.

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