Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/10/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/10/13


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EJ: Gentlemen, if you'd be kind enough to place that down there, and then why don't you go upstairs and start on the master suite? Thank you. So, this morning, there was what I think can best be described as bloodless coup of DiMera Enterprises.

Chad: Oh.

EJ: Father was ousted. I'm the new CEO. Majority shareholder. I also took control of all the family subsidiary businesses.

Chad: Whoa. I--

EJ: Whoa.

Chad: Does Stefano even know about this?

EJ: I had the great pleasure of telling him to his face, handing the little bastard his head, so to speak.

Chad: And you didn't even sell tickets? You could've told a brother that our beloved father was back in Salem. I mean, I'm 15 minutes away.

EJ: I didn't know he was coming back until he walked through the door, and even if I had, Chad--

Chad: You couldn't have tipped him off. Well, how'd you do it, EJ?

EJ: Would you like a blueprint?

Chad: No. No, that's not necessary. But, I mean, you got him. That--that's all that matters. You got that sick SOB where he lives. I mean, literally. He must've been furious.

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