Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/4/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/4/13


Provided By Wanda

Kate: You stole my formula.

Sami: Your formula? For what, disastrous marriages? How to destroy your sons' lives? The square of the hypotenuse?

Kate: The anti-aging formula that was going to make mad world the most profitable cosmetics firm in the country.

Sami: Anti-aging formula? Oh, so you haven't tried it yourself?

Kate: Ah, ha, ha, ha. And then I found out that you are rolling out the very same product one month ahead of mine.

Sami: Oh, Kate, you are delusional.

EJ: Kate, we are in the cosmetics business. You sound Chevrolet complaining that Ford is making cars.

Kate: It's not a copy. It's the exact same product. You stole it, and I'm gonna make sure you don't get away with it.

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