Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/17/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/17/13


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Kristen: I have to admit I'm a little intrigued by what you brought me, but I asked for that gift a while ago before I saw your true colors and I found out that you never really accepted Brady and me. So I don't care if you've got the holy grail in that bag. I'm not interested in it or you.

John: Well, you might change your mind when you see what I have here. Those pictures you gave me? You know, they really got me thinking.

Kristen: Really? About what? How much you adore me?

John: It really brought back some memories, some of them bad, some of them chilling, and some of them happy. And remembering those happy times we had together made me realize that I haven't exactly wiped my slate clean. So I made a decision, and you... you need to have this.

Kristen: So just leave whatever you brought, okay? It's probably some stupid remnant from our past, and I'll happily throw it away.

John: No, maybe when you see what's inside it, you'll reconsider that plan.

Kristen: No, I'm not looking behind anymore, John. I'm looking ahead with Brady!

John: I mean, you couldn't be a coach if you were out of uniforms, so this is for you.

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