Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/12/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/12/13


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Sami: Well, I'm sorry about that, Rafe. I really, really am, 'cause I, on the other hand, am having a great life now. I did have sex with EJ last night, and I'll tell you one thing--it was the best night of my life.

Kate: It's strictly business... of a slightly personal nature. It's tax time here in the states.

Stefano: I'm aware. Even the government here tries everything they can to get to my profits.

Kate: How sad for you. Look, I realize that you know that we were married for most of last year, which means we need to file a joint tax return, which will be the last thing that we do together.

Stefano: If you think for one moment that I am gonna pay for the extra taxes...

Kate: Please. We both know I was the best deduction you ever had.

Stefano: Mm. I was just too good to you.

Kate: Ha!

Stefano: You just look out the window there, if you can, huh? You will see a beautiful red Ferrari just sitting there waiting for you.

Kate: I gave that car a Viking funeral.

Stefano: Ah. [Speaking Italian] You are a careless woman... with yourself and everyone else. Yes, indeed. That's why you wonder why you are sitting there alone.

[Elevator button clicking]

Jennifer: How was that club?

Anne: Huh?

Jennifer: You and Chloe-- you went to Club Inferno, didn't you?

Anne: [Scoffs] Sorry. Why are you bothering me?

Jennifer: I guess because you're so willing to bother me. You and Chloe tried to ruin my night with Daniel, didn't you?

Rafe: Ooh! Words, huh? Let me tell you something. If the words you have involve busting my chops over Gabi, get in line, okay? Right behind Sami, in fact.

Kate: No. That is too far dangerous a place to be, because you could be hit by all the debris she leaves in her wake.

Rafe: Yeah. You can say that again.

Rafe: Yeah, you're-- no. No, it's-- [Both laugh] No. You are beautiful.

Kate: Oh. Well, thank you. Strega Nonna, my ass.

Rafe: What's that?

Kate: Oh. This is a little something that I learned tonight. It's an Italian expression meaning "Grandmother Witch"... yeah, or "old bat." [Chuckles] There's even--there's even a children's story about this character, this--this--this witch who lives in a little village and meddles in everyone's business and also cures warts.

Rafe: Who would ever say-- Stefano. Well, he's an idiot.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Rafe: He is. Freak. He spent way too much time in pyramids or secret tunnels hooked up to machines. [Laughs] It's crazy.

Kate: [Laughs]

Rafe: It is.

Kate: [Laughing] It is, yes. Thank you, thank you. I needed that laugh. I needed that laugh tonight. Hmm.

Rafe: How the hell did you ever hook up with that guy anyway?

Kate: Blackmail.

EJ: Look, you might as well admit it, because I could tell.

Sami: What are you talking about?

EJ: Every single time I brought up business, you were distracted.

Sami: That's not true. I mean, I was happy to talk about how--how well our company is doing.

EJ: Do you really think I came over to talk about business, Samantha? All I wanted to do was rip your clothes off and kiss you there... and there and there.

Sami: Always happy there.

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