Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/11/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/11/13


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Marlena (to Sami): You want to be with a man like EJ? A man who's treated you the way that he has? A man who has been cruel to you? Look, I know you're frustrated. I understand that, and now with it turning out that Will is the father of Gabi's baby, it must put a lot of tension between you and Rafe, but to go from that to EJ? That really is your dead end street.

Kristen: Take it from somebody who knows. You don't want to fall in love with a priest.

Nicole: Oh--[Scoffs] No more tacos after 10:00. It makes for crazy thinking. What the hell is wrong with me? All right. That's enough. No more.

Kristen: I really tried. Tried with your 10-step friends, but they're tricky.

Brady: Yeah, that's actually 12, 12-step--

Kristen: Your 12-step friends are very tough or they're very tricky. And you know what? I think they need a 13th step, because I've been trying and trying, and it's not working. It's not working. Not working with your stepmother, that's for sure.

Brady: Yeah, well, it's a complicated situation.

Kristen: It's complicated. Are you kidding me?

Brady: All four of us, it's very--

Kristen: It's--more than that, it's a catastrophe.

Brady: Yeah.

Kristen: It's a lot of "C" words, really is. But you. You, my seriously hunky, hot boyfriend.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Oh, my God. You are such a hypocrite.

Eric: Excuse me?

Nicole: Oh, "excuse me"? Seriously? I mean, it's not like you priests and nuns are so perfect. You guys get caught doing bad things all the time. I mean, really. You fired Brady and Kristen off the church board because of what? [Gasps] They were having sex. Oh, my gosh, the horror of it all.

Eric: Nicole, that's not exactly what happened.

Nicole: Really? Oh. Whatever. You know what? It's normal and healthy for people to have sex. Sure, you remember that, I'm sure you do. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you don't. Ma--maybe--maybe you're a freak like the rest of the people that work here. Or maybe... maybe you do remember. And maybe you're just jealous because people are out there having fun, other people are having fun. Without you. Well, I'll tell you something. I am sick and tired of leading this boring, unsexy life. And I'm gonna make up for lost time. I'm gonna go out, and I'm gonna have some fun. What? What? Would you just please say it? What?

Marlena: Why are you doing this to me, Stefano? What do you want?

Stefano: [Chuckles] My dear, I want nothing. All I'm doing is trying to tell you that your husband was here, and that he was in good hands.

Marlena: How very thoughtful of you.

Stefano: [Chuckles] If only I could believe that you really meant that. Anyway, this is gonna be the first of many--well, no, the second of many talks that we are gonna have.

Marlena: Why in the world would you think that?

Stefano: Well, our families are getting closer, no? [Chuckles] I mean, we have Kristen and Brady, and we certainly have my son and Sami. [Chuckles] I can tell by your silence that you're not too happy with this new closeness, huh? But Marlena, look, we both know that the heart wants what the heart wants, all right? Listen, you should be very happy that your other son is a priest, no? [Laughs]

Kristen: Father. I'm glad I reached you.

Stefano: Oh, well, how did the night end?

Kristen: Epic failure. He will not propose to me. But at least now I know that it goes beyond him not wanting to hurt John and Marlena.

Stefano: What other reason could there be? I mean, this jerk is not good enough to shine your shoes.

Kristen: I have no idea, but I will find out, and I will get him on both his knees, begging me to marry him.

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