Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/6/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/6/13


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Nicole: Is there a patron saint that balances the budget? 'Cause I really think we need to talk to him.

[Both chuckle]

Eric: St. Jude.

Nicole: Can I cry "sanctuary" and she automatically has to leave?

Hope: You object to answering a few questions?

Nicole: No, I object to you blaming me for everything that comes across your desk. That's harassment.

Eric: Can you tell us why you wanna talk to Nicole? I mean, like I said, she is no longer affiliated with Titan.

Hope: Some files were stolen off of Brady Black's laptop.

Eric: And that led you to Nicole?

Nicole: Everything leads her to Nicole. I mean, she's still trying to blame me for the great train robbery.

Kristen: And he shot down the whole concept of getting married in secret.

Stefano: In secret? Wasn't the idea of your-- look, I'm gonna be polite now and call it your plan, okay? Wasn't the idea to humiliate him in front of the church, huh? And when you have humiliation, what do you have? You have a lot of people. I mean, John dumped you in a room filled with people.

Kristen: Yeah, I kinda remember that, so I guess I probably would've found a way to make the private ceremony public. I'm not stupid.

Stefano: No, but sometimes I know you get caught up in emotion, okay? I mean, this idiot does not even want to marry you.

Kristen: And Nicole, I did not call the police on you, although I still am thinking about taking legal action against you, but not until I talk to Brady. I try to respect the fact that he thinks of you as a friend.

Nicole: Hmm. And when she's done here, she's gonna go collect for UNICEF.

Victor: Oh, now, Nicole. Nobody likes a sore loser. Detective Brady, let me bring you up to speed as to what's going on here. When the Titan security team was notified that some files were downloaded from my nincompoop grandson's computer without authorization, we worked backwards, and we found that the files had been downloaded in my home at a time and date when Nicole was there.

Nicole: You vile, vindictive--

Victor: Oh, now don't take it personally, Nicole. Oh, go ahead. Take it personally.

Hope: What are you doing? What are you, five years old?

Victor: I like to think of it as young at heart.

Victor: Hm. Do I hate Kristen more than I hate Nicole? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Hope: Wow, okay, all right. So I get to go home and tell Ciara what a jerk Grandpa was today. Victor, do not do this.

Victor: Oh, I'm not gonna press charges. I think she could be very helpful in getting Brady away from that wackjob that he's with.

Hope: This was all a charade?

Victor: Taunting Nicole keeps me young.

Kristen: Would you wait just a second, honey? Wait one second. Hey, guys. Nicole, excuse me. Do you think maybe we could walk back to the church together? You know, give us the chance to maybe clear the air?

Eric: That sounds like a good idea. What do you think, Nicole?

Nicole: Um... clear away.

Sami: Stupid, stupid, stupid. God! Just like my grandmother says. I mean-- look up "tipping your hand" in the dictionary and there's my picture. All right. I have to do some damage control here. I'll start with Will. "Meet me at my place." [Sighs]

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