Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/4/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/4/13


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Kristen: Aw. Shucks. Poor Marlena, reduced to spying, living vicariously. Does it help distract from the loneliness of you missing your husband?

John (to Stefano): Well, you know, that's because, you know, your sick, twisted snake of a daughter has slithered her way back into our lives, and that's not gonna last long, and she'll soon be nothing but a bad memory, but, you know, I got thinking about the situation, and I had to come here to give you a warning, Papa. If your daughter's machinations somehow lead you to believe that's opening a door for you to renew your sick obsession with Marlena, well, then, your head's even farther up your-- [Chuckles] Oh, I'm so sorry. What I meant to say was you're sadly mistaken.

Kristen: Where are you going? Oh, don't go! Please just stick around. Let's have a little chat, just us girls, talk about our feelings. Like, how does it feel to have your heart ripped out? How does it feel when you lose the one person that means everything to you? Not good, right?

Marlena: I will not engage with you on this level.

Kristen: Oh, now that hurts my feelings.

Marlena: Do you wanna know what I think of you, professionally speaking?

Kristen: Uh, sure.

Marlena: Good! I think you're a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. Oh, I'm so sorry. In layman's terms, you're a complete bitch.

Kristen: [Laughs] Hey! If you're gonna throw names around, try daughter-in-law on for size. It could happen sooner than you think. Yeah.

Stefano: I assure you, John, that I have moved on from good old Marlena. Been there, done that, as they say, huh? Look, it's the same as Kristen has done with you, all right? She has just changed you over for a new model.

John: Keep your passport handy. Your daughter's gonna need you to run back to Salem to pick up all the pieces when this falls apart around her.

Chloe: You know what? I'm gonna go.

Jennifer: Oh, but, Chloe, listen. No hard feelings about tonight, really, 'cause Daniel and I, we will get our time together sooner than later.

Chloe: The hell you will.

Jennifer: Like maybe tomorrow night, and you won't wreck things for me and Daniel this time. I won't let you, Chloe.

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