Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/30/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/30/13


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Kate: A girl?

Will: Yeah.

Kate: Oh, my God. [Laughs]

Will: I know.

Kate: I'm so happy for you, sweetie.

Will: Yay. I know. Oh, thank you.

Kate: Oh.

Will: You know, I got to say that when her image came up on that screen... I mean, I felt like my whole life changed in that moment.

Kate: That's because it did.

Will: Mm-hmm. You know, I am so relieved that Nick and Gabi and I are on the same page. That's great, you know. So, please, don't get his parole revoked.

Kate: No, of course not. I... not if you don't want me to, I would never--I would never do that. I mean, I was just-- I was trying to be protective, you know. I can see where you might think that was interfering or being intrusive, but, um... you know, I just want my children to be happy. I want my grandchildren to be happy. I just want you to feel loved and secure.

Will: Okay, are you gonna tell me what's bothering you? Because there's something.

Kate: [Sighs deeply] God. Billie and I had it out, you know? She's, uh, deeply disappointed in me. You know, nothing new. I sure hope you don't have to experience that with your daughter.

Will: No, are you guys gonna be okay, though?

Kate: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure we'll work it out... eventually.

Gabi: Would waiting to get married really be such a bad idea?

Nick: Okay, I mean, say we wait. What's to prevent your brother from coming back and saying that he wants us to wait more? What if he's never okay with us being together?

Gabi: Of course he's okay with us being together. Of course, he is. He just doesn't want us rushing into marriage, especially after everything we've been through.

Nick: [Sighs] Are you really considering this... considering giving in to him like that?

Gabi: I don't know--I just feel like Rafe has done so much for me, you know. And what if he's right? What if--what if waiting is gonna help everybody put what happened behind them and actually be happy for us--you know, supportive?

Nick: W-what people?

Gabi: Our friends, our family. I mean, I really would like them to be there when we actually do get married, so maybe waiting to get married... isn't such a bad idea.

Kate: Finally, someone's talking sense.

Nick: [Sighs]

Kristen: Well, get on it, ASAP. I want to make sure that those new security measures are instituted immediately, just in case. I don't care. Do it. Oh. Oh, that wasn't about you. Although given how strange you've been acting lately, maybe I should get a little extra security. What do you think?

Marlena: Let's not do this.

Kristen: Oh, why not? It's so much fun.

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