Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/3/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/3/13


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Sami: They're in here.

Eric: Sami, knock first.

Sami: No, I-- what do you mean? Hi. Are you okay? What happened? What the hell?

John: Well, things just got a little out of hand with Brady.

Sami: Obviously. But we need to know why.

Marlena: Not now. It's not the time. I don't want John getting all worked up, trying to explain--

John: It's all right, Doc. I think it'd be better if they heard it from us.

Sami: Hear what?

John: Brady and--and Kristen are having an affair.

Sami: What? No way. Brady wouldn't do that, he--

John: He would do it, and he did do it. I saw it with my own eyes. The thing is, it's all a scheme on Kristen's part. No surprise there. It was designed to hurt your mother and me. Kind of a no-brainer, huh?

Sami: Yeah, kind of. And you would think that Brady has more brains than that. Where is he? Where's that gullible nitwit?

EJ: I just asked how they were doing.

Maxine: And I'm telling you, it's none of your business.

EJ: You know, my family built half this hospital.

Maxine: But you're not a member of this family, Mr. DiMera. Not to mention, they hate your guts.

Kristen: Hey.

EJ: Oh. Would you mind telling me what the hell is going on?

Kristen: No. Seems that John found out, in just about the worst way possible, that Brady and I are having an affair.

EJ: How's John?

Marlena: So you know what your sister's done.

EJ: I'm aware of what's happened, yeah.

Marlena: She's a dangerous sociopath. She hurts people to make herself feel more powerful. And she will do the same thing to you. Mark my words.

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