Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/5/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/5/12


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EJ: Samantha, how did it go? 

Sami: A train wreck. It is a total train wreck. Nicole is gonna ruin Eric's life, just like she did last time.

Rafe (to Eric about Sami): You know what I learned? You agree with her at first, right? Give her whatever she wants. Apologize to her. And you know what? That throws her off, gives you a chance to get your bearings.

Eric: That's good.

Rafe: Then you stake out the corner you want, give her the rest.

Eric: [Laughs] Always thought you had the formula. Sami always sounded happy with you.

Sami: Well, thank you for talking me off the ledge about Nicole and Eric.

EJ: Anytime.

Sami: I mean, it's just hard because she was the first person he ever slept with, you know, his--his first love.

EJ: Well, those aren't necessarily the same things.

Sami: Well, they are when it comes to my brother, certainly. She might be the only person he ever slept with. God, is God really that cruel? You know, to, like, make her his only sexual experience? Is that po-- I'm not asking for details. I really have no interest in the specifics of how that all unfolds. Just--yikes.

Eric: I mean, we could talk about family or your ridiculous loyalty towards the Bears.

Will: Are you still a  Cheesehead? I would've thought seminary would've broken that Packer loyalty out of you.

Eric: Oh, I feel your pain, will--I mean, losing as much as you have, that is.

Will: Yeah. I guess you think that's inevitable as a Bears fan.

Eric: I bet on you, whatever team you choose. I just want you to be happy, fulfilled in life. [Yawns]

Will: Oh, yeah, I have that effect.

Victor: Do you know what time it is in Brussels? We were supposed to be on that conference call an hour ago.

Brady: I know, I know.

Victor: Nice shirt. Looked better yesterday. So where the hell have you been?

Brady: [Sighs] Did I-- did I miss curfew?

Victor: Brady, I don't give a damn what you do, as long as you stay clean and know what matters.

Brady: I am clean. I am clean. I'm fine. And you and Titan--Titan are my main priorities.

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