Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/4/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/4/12


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Nicole: It's a packet for the meeting... with the school's building fund. Yes, sister Margaret briefed me.

Eric: [Chuckles] I'm sorry I missed it.

Nicole: Yeah. Me taking orders from a nun? I'm just as surprised.

Kristen: No. There's an attraction there. But, you know, it's more like a friction, you know?

Brady: A friction.

Kristen: Yeah. You hate me, remember?

Brady: That changed.

Eric: It's nice to meet you.

EJ: Good to meet you. I've heard many good things about you over the years.

Eric: And we're very grateful for all the things that you and your company have done for us.

EJ: Yes, no doubt. People are always most grateful to us when we lead with our wallets.

Kate: Welcome me home.

Marlena: Am I your welcoming committee?

Kate: Well, you're the only one here I know.

Sami: I can't believe you are comparing me and Nicole.

Eric: Why not? You know, between a sin and felony schedule, you and Nicole aren't much different.

EJ: I am truly dumbfounded, I mean, speechless. How does somebody with your particular reputation, your particular rap sheet, and that sexual appetite of yours find themselves working for the priests at St. Luke's?

Nicole: You know, for a guy who's speechless, you sure are talking a lot of smack.

EJ: Oh, I see. So you're taking up the veil, right?

Nicole: I don't need to become a nun. Just a better person. And I'm gonna get there.

Sami: You are bringing up things that I did when I was a kid. I'm talking about the crimes that Nicole has committed in this century. She is a grown woman, and she should know better.

Eric: You know, even though you say things like that, I still love you.

Sami: I think you have a big heart, and sometimes that means you have poor judgment.

Eric: Did you just say that I have poor judgment?

Sami: Wow, you are working hard to get me off track, aren't you?

Eric: And you're the one to talk about lousy judgment. You've been making lousy judgments since you were three, Samantha Jean. Don't play that card with me.

Sami: All that stuff about poor judgment--I didn't think priests were allowed to be mean.

Eric: I didn't intend to be unkind.

Eric: Sami, the guy kidnapped your child.

Sami: I know, okay? I know what he's done. I know the terrible things that he has done--

Eric: Wait, wait. Terrible?

Eric: He's changed. You've changed. I've changed. Nicole, she can't change?

Sami: No. No! Nicole Walker cannot change.

Eric: Look, you may not believe it, but I do. Nicole is trying.

Sami: She might be trying, but she will not succeed.

Eric: I've seen the other side of her.

Sami: Yeah. Exactly.

Eric: I'm helping Nicole, just like I would help anybody else in trouble.

Sami: She's not anybody else. She's the first woman you were ever with. She was your first love. And I don't think that just disappeared with that collar.

Billie: So how was it with Stefano?

Kate: Brutal. But final.

Billie: I'm sorry.

Kate: No, you're not.

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