Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 11/28/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 11/28/12


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(Rafe enters office with flowers for Sami)

EJ: Oh. You shouldn't have. Although I have to tell you, I do prefer roses.

Rafe: What the hell are you doing here?

EJ: The day-to-day operations at Countess Wilhelmina were handed over to me by my sister.

Rafe: Really? Kristen just handed them over to you, huh? Just like that?

EJ: Well, that's Kristen. Generous to a fault.

Gabi (to Nick): I love you with all my heart.

Chad: Oh, please excuse me while I O.D. on the sugar in here.

Will: Okay, then go before you do, please. Thank you.

Brady: Is everyone all right here?

Kristen: Oh, no. She broke into my room, she grabbed my personal property, and then she shoved me to the ground. Other than that, I'm fine.

Brady: How much of that is true?

Marlena: All of it. Except that it was justified.

EJ: I am. Life is good, life is good. For you too, I hope.

Chad: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Smooth sailing all the way.

EJ: Do me a favor, drop the sarcasm, okay?

Chad: I beg your pardon?

EJ: Chad, pining for Melanie Jonas is not going to help you get your life back together.

Chad: Wow, that's, uh, that's deep. I'll really have to ponder that one.

Chad: I'm sorry, EJ. I just don't quite see you as a mentor. I mean, no offense or anything.

EJ: Okay, well, why don't you go and talk to your sister? Get some guidance from her.

Chad: Kristen? [Scoffs]

EJ: Listen, take it from me. She's formidable, shrewd, and she's family, which means she has your best interests at heart. Let her get your life back on track. Trust me, Chad, she's an asset.

Nick: You're pregnant, and I'm not the father.

Gabi: Nick, please don't--

Nick: Don't what? I mean, unless--unless this was immaculate conception, you didn't do this on your own.

Chad: Well, if you, uh, if you really wanna know, every time I turn around, I see the person who ruined my life.

EJ: Gabi?

Chad: I feel like I can't really move on until I return the favor.

EJ: You know, Chad, sometimes the best medicine is revenge.

Gabi: Nick, it was--it was after the explosions, and I was really upset. I was going crazy, and I needed somebody to talk to, and then I saw will.

Nick: And then--and then you just decided to have sex?

Rafe: Oh, I'm very calm. Calm. I'm a little freaked out that you couldn't tell me the truth, but I'm calm.

Sami: You're calm and freaking out at the same time? I don't think that's possible.

Brady: Why don't we try another route here? Okay? If you let us see what's on the tablet, I think that would be a good idea because obviously you don't want Marlena to access any of your files. It's just fueling the fire right now.

Kristen: "Fueling the fire"? What does that even mean? She broke into my room, took my personal property, and attacked me. And now I'm expected to discuss what's on my tablet? What's on your tablet, Brady?

Brady: Well, if you have nothing to hide, then there's no problem in--

Kristen: I don't, but it's nobody's business! Especially not hers. She broke in here, and now she's supposed to get her way? How is that fair? In what world is that fair?

Brady: Marlena needs more time.

Kristen: To what? Read the rest of my diary?

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