Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/14/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/14/12


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Abigail: I should've just waited till tomorrow to give Theo that book bag, and none of this would be happening.

Jack: Oh, come on. You didn't know this was gonna happen. I mean, you're doing this out of the goodness of your heart. Your timing is a little off, that's all. It's just--it's the Devereaux trait, I'm afraid.

Roman: Yeah, I had my gun drawn. I had EJ right where I wanted him. Sami got in between us to protect him.

Marlena: What the hell is she thinking?

Roman: Hey, hey, who knows? I mean, I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out how our daughter thinks and what she thinks.

Kayla: Well, at least not more people were hurt. You know, I truly believe that Lexie's looking down on us. She's our very own guardian angel, and she would be so proud of what you accomplished tonight.

Abe: Thank you, thank you. I hope so. You know, if I were mayor, I would be out there looking for something meaningful to do, but, instead, Roman says we have a felon on the run, abandoning the city in its hour of need.

Abigail: I don't wanna die, Dad, I don't wanna die.

Jack: No, you are not gonna die. You're not gonna die. That is just your fear talking, you hear me? That is fear. Just shake it off! Baby, just shake it off, just shake it off. Just say, "Go away." You tell it to go away, just like we told those monsters under your bed. Just go away.

Abigail: No, Dad, they weren't real.

Jack: You look at me. Look at me, Abigail. This is real. This is real. This is not how your story ends. You are gonna grow up and have a beautiful, wonderful life. I know that.

Hope: Daniel, rest five minutes, please.

Daniel: Hope, you don't understand.

Bo: Listen to my wife, would you? Nicole needs a doctor. You're no good to her if you're unconscious. Besides, you need another sign that it's best not to argue with my wife?

Jack: Look. I have done some things in my life that I'm not so proud of. And I have made some decisions that are, well... frankly stupid.

Abigail: Maybe it's a Devereaux thing.

Jack: [Laughs] Yeah, maybe it is. But being your dad, watching you grow up, seeing you turn into this spectacular, young woman, that is the best thing that's ever happened to me. And all the time I missed... conversations... late-night tears that I couldn't wipe away. And I'm more sorry for that than you will ever know.

Abigail: Yes. Dad, I've learned so much from you. Now that I'm grown up, I realized it's even more than I ever thought. I've learned how important it is to be patient, to work hard, to listen, to always listen, and to forgive, just like you always did for me. Dad, I'm so grateful that I'm your daughter.

Jack: Not as grateful as I am.

Jack: You know my three favorite words?

Abigail: Hmm?

Jack: "Told you so."

EJ: Yeah. Somewhere that we don't need to worry about being discovered the whole time. Somewhere we can, you know, work on finding this proof that I'm innocent.

Sami: So where is that perfect place? I mean, the last time I needed to drop off the face of the earth, I had the FBI helping me.

EJ: Hmm. Well, let's not forget, lest the irony be lost on us, that you were hiding from me.

Sami: Look, I could say a lot of things about you right now, EJ, but you are a wonderful father to Johnny and Sydney, and you will be again. We're gonna prove you're innocent, and we're gonna get you back to them, and... hey, there's a silver lining here. This time, we're not hiding from DiMeras.

EJ: Oh, wait, I know the perfect place.

Molly's Mother: I-I passed out in the parking lot behind some cars where nobody could see me, and the next thing I knew, this young man, this hero, he was just there, telling me that molly needed me. I don't know how to thank you.

Abe: Oh, we're just glad you're okay. And you... so how did you know where she was? Did you see her from the window?

Theo: No, I listened to what Molly said. I wanted to be a detective like you. Are you mad at me, Daddy?

EJ: Oh, this is where my father's safe house is. We're just on the outside of town.

Sami: Stefano used to come here? It's not exactly his style, is it?

EJ: It's exactly why it was a good safe house.

Sami: Huh. Well, seems perfectly convenient for him. Maybe I should go burn some sage.

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