Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/2/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/2/12


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Will: Hey. So am I still on the front page?

Sonny: Sorry, man, you've been bumped to page three.

Will: What? Man, fame is so fleeting, you know? I mean, I, of course, knew that I wouldn't stay on the front page forever, but imagine how disappointed my family must be that my sexual orientation is not the lead story anymore.

Sonny: I didn't say you said it. I said you think it.

Will: Oh, so you can read my mind now?

EJ: Well, it's the basic modus operandi of the Salem Police Department, isn't it? You know, every now and again, you put down a bagel, you go and throw baseless accusations at a DiMera.

Rafe: Haven't accused you of anything.

EJ: [Chuckles] Are you threatening me?

Rafe: Am I-- [Laughs] No. No, no, I'm just trying to help you not to make a huge mistake while you are understandably off your game. Agent Spencer, how about we just forget about what he said, okay, 'cause he is--well, he is mourning.

Sami: Or is it because you were worried that I might ask you the next logical question?

Marlena: Okay, don't go here. Don't go here.

Sami: Who is the father, my husband or yours?

Carrie: Well, Sami, I don't live my life like you. I don't have to look at the calendar to figure out who the father is.

EJ (to Rafe): No, I agree with you. Um, so how would something like this work? I would just go down to your impartial police station, talk to the utterly trustworthy police force, give up several of my civil liberties for a test that is inadmissible in a court of law. Thank you, Detective, I think you've really solved my problem.

Will: So...maybe I didn't want to come out to them like that, you know? "Hey, I didn't shoot anyone last night. Sorry, I was at a gay bar, drinking cosmos."

Brian: Well, right there's a lie. You were drinking beer.

EJ: Detective, do I look like the type of person who would forget to license a gun? I'm the it's my job to uphold the law, not to break it.

Rafe: That's true. Don't strike me as someone who would forget to license a gun.

Rafe: Yeah. All're forcing me to tell you something personal. I don't like the guy.

Spencer: Thanks for sharing.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: I never would have guessed. Did you notice I didn't say much this afternoon

Rafe: What other suspects? You mean like anyone DiMera ever met?

Spencer: Well, the list of people who hated him is long and the pressure to wrap up this case is intense, but...well, just don't focus exclusively on EJ.

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