Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/12


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Marlena: It's been a burden. Having you, my favorite person on the planet, in my very guest room.

Will: Well... your favorite person is a murder suspect.

Lexie: Well, I'm glad we're all here together. Um....I know father wanted to be buried in Italy... along with his ancestors. But, uh, I think it's important for us who love him to have this time to say good-bye... as a family.

Chad: I can't believe someone would kill him in cold blood. Can't believe whoever did it is still free. Look. I know--we all know... he wasn't a perfect man. He may not have even been a good man. But I hate... hate... whoever did this to him.

Nicole: Uh, it's--I wonder how he would feel about me showing up. You know, he and I... we weren't exactly close.

EJ: Well, you and he were pretty equally matched. He liked you...most of the time.

Gabi: No. No, it wasn't the point, okay, because Chad got so upset that he told my brother... who is a severely over-protective brother, and he's also a severely over-protective cop.

Andrew: That's who that guy was that-- oh, no, that guy who was getting so mad.

Lexie: Because of who you are, EJ. You are everything he wanted his son to be.

EJ: He was everything I wanted a father to be.

Nicole: Uh, I'm saying good-bye.

Kate: You hated him. He hated you. I think a little heart-to-heart is a bit ghoulish, don't you?

Nicole: I don't really think you're in any position to give orders here.

Kate: I'm his wife.

Nicole: Yeah, you're his wife he kicked to the curb for sleeping with another man.

Nicole: I wanted to say good-bye to Stefano.

Kate: Or rob the grave. You better check for his watch.

Chad: I do know the things he did... the way people felt about him. [Chuckles] He tried to shove me around too. Manipulate me, make me fall in line. All that stuff. But you know what... I liked him.

Melanie: It's not too late to tell him that.

Kate: Thank you for bailing Will out of jail. I know that he's innocent.

EJ: Of murder? Perhaps. But he's not quite as saintly as you think he is.

Kate: I don't need him to be a saint. I need him out of jail. I can't believe that Roman actually arrested his own grandson.

Melanie: That doesn't make any sense. Will didn't have any motives.

Chad: He's a Brady! They all hate my father. Half of them are on the police force anyway, which means they had some kind of concrete evidence to arrest him in the first place. 

Melanie: You need to calm down.

Chad: You want me to calm down? My best friend just killed my father. You want me to calm down?

Lexie: Well, he went someplace very far away, where he can be happy and safe. But he wanted you to know that he loves you so much, and that you are very, very, very, very, very special to him.

Theo: Are you going away too, mommy?

Sami (to Stefano's corpse): [Sighs] Well, well. You know, I saw this movie once where a guy had to stick a needle in the corpse to make sure he was really dead. I gotta be honest, Stefano, I'm tempted. You know, I'm not very good at resisting temptation. [Sighs]

EJ: No, you didn't. Listen, thank you for bringing the kids here and... for respecting that he was a part of their lives.

Sami: You bailed Will out. Don't look now, but I think we're actually getting along.

EJ: Oh, I wouldn't go that far.

Lexie: But Daddy isn't going anywhere. And Grandma Celeste, Chad, Cameron, EJ, they're all going to be here to take care of you. And even though you won't be able to see me, I'll still be here watching over you, making sure you're all right. Do you understand?

Theo: Is that why Nonno left, to get things ready for you?

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