Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/17/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/17/12


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Lexie: Okay. Okay, well, um, as you all know, I have made a list of things I'd like to and places I'd like to go before--you know, while I still can.

Chad: You mean like a bucket list.

Lexie: Exactly! Like a bucket list.

Bo: What is it you think you know?

Vladimir: Everything.

John: Well, maybe you do. But if I were you, I would... make damn sure I was right before I walked away from all that money.

Lucas: I know, I know it doesn't work like that. I'm just saying...that... you're gonna walk a very tough road. But I know you and I know you're gonna be okay. I mean, it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter if you're gay or you're straight. You're my son. You're my son, and I'll always love you no matter what.

Will: Thank you. God, I love you too!

Abigail: Oh, my--you guys are going to paris?

Melanie: Uh, yeah... apparently.

Vladimir: You don't believe me? You're john black. Wealthy industrialist. Also former ISA operative. Beauregard and, um, Hope. William Brady. Two of Salem P.D.'s finest detectives, mm? And lastly, Rafael Hernandez, also Salem P.D. formerly. And once upon a time, an FBI agent.

Bo: You did your homework. Congratulations.

Chad: What about pinot noir? What is that?

Abigail: It's this amazing restaurant in paris where you eat completely in the dark.

Cameron: I know the feeling.

Melanie: I think that they should just kiss and get it over with.

Lexie: [Sigh] Abe's been my rock... since we first fell in love. You know, he's always been the strongest. But I am afraid that once I'm gone, the reality of it all is going to hit him hard. Raising Theo by himself, dealing with losing his job. Just everything.

Bo: Boatload of money.

Hope: We've been after DiMera for years. Now that his son's been elected mayor, we're sure gonna lose our jobs at the Salem P.D.

Vladimir: Hmm. Mm. I see. And you...agent Hernandez?

Rafe: Ex-Agent Hernandez. [Scoffs] I was fired, and uh, well, mostly because I stuck my neck out for him. Long story. The bottom line is DiMera has pretty much single-handedly ruined my life, so... it's personal.

Abigail: I don't know, it seems kinda crazy-last-minute.

Chad: Who cares? It's Paris. We didn't even check our schedules.

Cameron: Come on, Abigail. Just say yes. Figure the rest out later.

Abe: Somebody...wanna tell me what's going on here?

Cameron: There's no time. I'll explain on the way.

Sami: I can't believe I came back here to apologize, only to find out that you went to Marlena instead of me.

Will: Marlena? Don't you mean Mom?

Sami: Yes! Fine! But I'm your mother, and you should've talked to me about this. I can't believe that you went to her instead of me.

Will: Oh, my God, not everything is about you. And for the record, this is why I didn't come to you. Stop being a victim and grow up!

John: Mr. Nevsky, one more thing.

Vladimir: Did I forget something?

Rafe: Yeah, you forgot to put your hands on your head.

Lucas: You know what, that's enough. That's enough. Both of you stop treating each other like targets and start treating each other like family.

Will: She's not family. Family doesn't walk out on you.

Vladimir: So... it was all an act, yes? Very convincing one, I might add.

John: Wasn't any act. We're after Stefano DiMera. He's the meat and potatoes. Bringing you guys in is just a little gravy.

Bo (to Vladimir): I don't think so. We're not in the business of making deals. We're in the business of putting guys like you away for a very, very long time.

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