Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/14/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/14/12


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Lexie: Oh, baby, thank you. I love it. Oh. So did you have a good time?

Cameron: You should have seen us blazing a trail through the wilderness.

Hope: But I know Stefano. I know his life story.

Bo: Unfortunately.

Hope: And I have more of an emotional investment here. He tried to kill us to get his hands on this.

Bo: You do realize you should say yes? She doesn't take no for an answer.

Shane: You're kidding. Thank God for women who won't take no for an answer, huh?

Billie: No, no. But I know that it's true. And they called in your father's debt and he came through. I don't know, they call it honor among thieves. Your father has been undermining you for quite some time. Don't you wonder why?

EJ: What I wonder, Billie, is why you seem so determined to drive a wedge between my father and me.

EJ: Billie, please don't insult me. We both know you despise me just as much as you despise my father.

Billie: That was true. Until your father killed six innocent people. You know, EJ, you're starting to look like a human being, next to him.

Hope: No, I don't think so. You have men working on this case?

Shane: Yes, but--

Hope: They may know cryptography, but I know jewelry. Especially the expensive kind.

Bo: Hmm, don't I know it.

Bo: Good work, Detective. You deserve a raise.

Hope: There's only one thing I want. Stefano prides himself on being the phoenix rising over and over again from the ashes. It's our turn this time, Brady.

Rafe: Didn't know we were allowing visitors.


Austin: You know, that's funny. Isn't that how Carrie got here in the first place? As a visitor?

Stefano: Ah-ha. What an honor. A personal visit from the mayor.


EJ: I thought you detested sarcasm.


Stefano: I do. When other people use it.

Roman: Well, that's very interesting, since she's married, technically so are you, not to mention the fact you're with Nicole, and she is about to have your baby.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, it's not that simple.

Roman: Usually isn't.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Carrie and I have been fighting this for months, all right? Now we realize that life's too short not to be with the person that you love.

Roman: Well, Rafe, now there you go. Now you are trying to make it sound simple--we just agreed it wasn't, okay?

EJ: What makes you think you can just go and undo all of my hard work? Ironically, work that I did for you!

Stefano: I owed Alice Horton.

EJ: I'm sorry, what?


Stefano: I owed Alice Horton. Mmm. But... I gave her my word.


EJ: So... you chose a promise to a dead woman... over the love of your son.


Stefano: No. I made the promise... because I loved you. Hmm? You were a baby. A baby who I thought was my son, so I did whatever I had to do to protect you.

EJ: Ah. No wonder you're so angry. You let your nemesis go... for a child that's not even yours.

Bo: Uh, Shane, what's with the look. Stefano thinks we're dead, he won't be looking for us. Get us a couple of false passports. We'll slip out of the country into Italia and no one will be the wiser. How about it? Come on.


Stefano: The irony is not lost on me. As you know, I do not second-guess my decisions.

EJ: You know... for years... I watched you. I scrutinized everything that you did, every move that you made, every action, every reaction. Because I thought that one day I would become your successor.


Stefano: Well, you were a good pupil.


EJ: I was. I learned at your knee. I learned how to be cold.


Stefano: Hmm.


EJ: I learned how to be ruthless, how to be unforgiving. And now that I can no longer apply all of those traits towards the DiMera legacy... I'm putting you on notice... old man. Everything you taught me, I'm using against you.

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