Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/27/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/27/12


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Billie: Mind if I join you?

EJ: Yes, as a matter of fact I do mind.

Billie: Tough.

Bo: Well, they wouldnít have discharged me if I wasnít ready to come home.

Hope: Yeah, well, thatís not exactly true. We had to twist Danielís arm to release you early. He wanted you to stay a few more days.

Bo: Yeah, well, what does he know?

Hope: You see what Iím dealing with? You see what Iím dealing with here, right? The worldís worst patient ever.

Bo: ĎCause Iím not a patient. Iím fine.

Billie: Well, now Iím just one of the unemployed masses. Oh, but donít worry about me EJ.

EJ: Iím not.

Sami: Will, Iím so glad you could join us.

Will: Well, of course, I would never miss spending the day with Dad and Allie.

John: Whoa, tough guy, whatís this we stuff? Come on, man, you just came out of a coma. I donít think youíre quite ready to join the investigation just yet.

Bo: Have we met?

Billie: Thatís not the reason you saved my ass.

EJ: ďSaved my ass.Ē What a colorful American expression.

Billie: Hereís another colorful American expression; cut the crap.

Billie: Come on, EJ. Itís time to fess up. You have no idea what your fatherís up to, and it scares the hell out of you, doesnít it?

Will: Congrats, Mom. What, itís not enough to wreck your own relationships, you got to wreck Dad's too?

John: Stefano just warned me that someoneís going to die, Doc. Iíve never known him to make idle threats. Have you?

Billie: I will admit that, when you caught me with those papers, I said a quick Hail Mary, just in case.

EJ: Really? Did you think I would hurt you?

Billie: I donít know what youíre capable of EJ, and Iím not sure I want to find out. So yes, I was scared for a minute. Happy?

EJ: Ecstatic.

Billie: Oh, youíre going to be loyal, EJ? Especially now that you know that your father's betraying you.

EJ: My dear, you donít seriously think that Iím going to betray my father, do you?

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