Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/19/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/19/12


Provided By Danielle

Madison: What do you want, Ian?

Brady: Do you really have to ask? Guy probably heard about our business deal, and now he wants to screw it up, right?

Ian: Can you make the effort to get over yourself, just this once?

Melanie: (a girl stops Chad and surprises him with a kiss while hes politely stopping for a photo with the girl) I'm his girlfriend. Ha! I know. So it's my job to look after him. And I know he's really hot--he is, I know--and he's been in a magazine, but that doesn't mean that every questionable young lady gets to stick her tongue down his throat. Are we on the same page?

Girl: Who are you calling a questionable young lady?

Melanie: Sweetie, if the tube top fits.

Ian: (Kate has just learned that Stefano kicked her out, trashed her clothes, and stole her companies) You look awful.

Kate: Thank you.

Brady: (to Madison about Ian) I got your text--hi. [Laughing] Wait a minute, you're really, really happy. What's going on? What's the good news? Did you finally kill him or something, or is he--is he dead?

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