Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/29/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/29/11


Provided By Danielle

Quinn: Here to book a massage?

Nicole: Oh, no, thank you very much. I would rather roll around on broken glass.

Quinn: Yeah, we have a room for that. We're also offering a personality-enhancement special...

Quinn: You have doubts about my integrity?

Nicole: I doubt you have any integrity at all.

Nicole: And I just want to make sure that EJ's decision to fund this little new-age venture doesn't come back and bit him in the ass.

Quinn: Don't think it will. We're already turning a profit.

Nicole: Congratulations. And I hope you recognize the insincerity in my voice just now.

Patti: (Nicole is telling her conflicted feelings about EJ) The heart wants what the heart wants.

Nicole: [Scoffs] So you're saying my life's a cliché? Awesome.

Rafe: Until then, I'm hoping you can enjoy the simplicity of this candlelight dinner-- hopefully with our children—(Sami starts to cry) Hey, hey, what's-- why the face? I haven't even burned the dinner yet. It's still--it's browning.

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