Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/5/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/5/11


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Victor: (Kate walks up on her business competitor Madison meeting with Victor and Brady) Kate, Kate, Kate, are you okay? That little vein in your temple is throbbing the way it does when you get really, really mad. Kate and I go way back. Actually she's one of my favorite ex-wives.

Brady: That bar is really low, though.

Kate: Because I came to you in good faith with my plans, my visions, and my dreams...

Brady: Granddad, are you okay--you don't look so good.

Victor: She said "good faith." Kate Roberts said "good faith" like she really meant it. Oh--oh, this is gonna be fun.

Kate: (to Victor) No. No, we had a deal, and I lived up to it. And now, if I find out you have shared even one iota of my business plan with her, I will sue you so quickly. You will be in court so fast, your decrepit Greek head will spin.

Madison: Kate, Kate. I will not use any of your ideas. I want to make money.

Victor: (to Kate) You're gonna sue us? How fun! And what's your case going to be? "They were mean to me"? They liked another girl better than me?

Kate: (to Victor about Madison) Yeah, well, you just wait...because her market share is gonna dry up like raindrops in the desert as soon as Countess Wilhelmina products hit the stores, because my product line is not only better... it's cheaper.

Madison: Cheaper, maybe. I'll give you that. But that might just be a reflection on the company's CEO.

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