Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/26/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/26/11


Provided By Danielle

Sami: (Rafe enjoys seeing Sami so dressed up that he pulls her into bed) Oh, my God. We are officially late. Ugh.

Rafe: Where you going?

Sami: What do you mean? I have to go get ready again.

Rafe: We're already late. What are we gonna be? Later?

Roman: (to Bo upon learning that EJ brought Patti Stanger as his date) Wonder if she lost a bet.

Roman: She's EJ DiMera's date.

Hope: Date? EJ dates? I had no idea. I thought he just married women or held them prisoner.

Doug: (on the new town square dedicated to Alice and Tom Horton) Princess, it is perfect.

Julie: It's exactly what Grandma would have wanted. Especially the Wi-Fi.

Roman: Where you guys been? I've been looking all over for you. Sami: Oh, um... Rafe: (late because they’d been in bed together) Something came up.

Rafe: And you're a forensic accountant.

Austin: Congratulations. You stayed awake while you asked me that.

Jennifer: Oh, I feel bad. I feel terrible. I feel like I leaked something that Sami was trying to keep from Rafe. I just blew it.

Adrienne: What, Sami's keeping a secret from her husband? You must be joking.

Jennifer: Adrienne!

Adrienne: I'm sorry, that's all she does.

Bo: You're amazing. Whether it's planning a huge party like this or putting a six-foot suspect in a choke hold...

Hope: Oh, my gosh.

Bo: You're always the most elegant woman in the room.

Hope: I think that's the most romantic thing you've ever said to me, Beauregard.

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