Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11


Provided By Danielle

Kate: Have you talked to the lawyers?

Stefano: Clarence Darrow reincarnated would find it difficult to keep either me or my son out of jail.

Chad: (walks in to find Stefano yelling at EJ) Okay, is this just your basic pre-coffee drama…

Victor: (learning that their son Sonny is in town) That is good news. Why hasn't he come to see me yet?

Adrienne: He's been spending a little time with my folks.

Victor: Oh?

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Justin: But he'll come to see you soon.

Victor: How nice, to be squeezed in.

Rafe: Confession.

Sami: Okay, shoot.

Rafe: Okay. I put the kids in front of a really, really long video, and I gave them the biggest bowls of cereal you've ever seen.

Sami: That is great parenting. [Laughs]

Kinsey: Oh. Can I just say one thing?

Tad: Just one?

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