Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/20/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/20/11


Provided By Danielle

Gus: (about Vivian’s son Quinn) There's a lot more to this than meets the eye, and he has many, many contacts. It can only be described as nefarious.

Vivian: Sounds just like his father.

Gus: I think he takes after you.

Kate: (Rafe pretends to hit on Kate in order to keep her from entering the DiMera mansion) I have to go. Um, but if you're still feeling bored, there's a bowling alley across the town. It's open all night.

Chad: (about Stefano) Well, it's not like he asked me to pull of a bank job.

Kate: (jokingly) No, he has a guy for that.

Nicole: You're not implying that I'm inebriated, are you? Unfortunately I'm not, but I am working on it.

Maggie: Oh, okay, well, it's always good to have a goal.

Quinn: (sarcastically) My God, my own mother doesn't trust me. I'll have to rethink everything.

Vivian: [Laughs] Of course, I don't trust you. Do you think I'm a fool?

Quinn: No, I've already seen that firsthand.

Nicole: Sometimes... a lot of the times I, uh, make mistakes.

Maggie: Nicole, welcome to the club.

Quinn: Maybe we should start slowly, find out the little things first. Like your favorite color.

Vivian: And where do you go when you get blue.

Quinn: How much I get when you die.

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