Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/16/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/16/11


Provided By Danielle

Will: (surprised that Rafe would have been thoughtful enough to send Gabi flowers) Rafe? Oh, what happened to the guy that didn't give a damn about his family?

Gabi: (not knowing that the real Rafe had been missing until now) I don't know. I guess he got switched with someone else.

Daniel: (Daniel instinctively blames Dario for getting Melanie involved in Brady’s attack on EJ) Look, I'd appreciate a straight answer, Dario, assuming you know how that goes.

Daniel: (Melanie tells Daniel that it wasn’t his fault) I'm sorry, all right? My bad. All right, uh... if it helps, I'll try not assuming the worst in you.

Dario: Yeah, that might be nice.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hey. Sami, listen to me. Listen to me. That's over now, okay? Hey, we're gonna make this good.

Sami: How? By nailing EJ? You know we're not gonna be able to do that. I mean, he gets away with everything. That whole family gets away with everything. They die, and then they're not really dead, and then they come back from the dead and...

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