Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/30/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/30/11


Provided By Danielle

Daniel: So I made reservations for us at chez rouge, but if you'd like to do something more casual... I could change it.

Jennifer: Uh, no. I think it might be kinda nice to dress up.

Daniel: Great. I'll wear shoes and everything.

Jennifer: (Hope discovers the lingerie Jennifer recently bought) Okay... whoa. What in the world...

Hope: What in the world? You auditioning for the real housewives of Salem?

Taylor: Why--why do you think that I'm trying to do that, Nik? I'm leaving. Did that not register to you? Okay, this is not about me. It's about you and EJ.

Nicole: Right. Right. You have some land in Florida you wanna sell me?

Jennifer: You can stop all of this accessorizing in your mind, because I bought all of this but I'm not wearing any of it.

Hope: You're going naked.

Jennifer: Don't say anything.

Hope: You're going naked?

Jennifer: Shush!

Melanie: It's not a bad thing. I'm just saying you're starting to get a little predictable.

Daniel: No, that is absolutely not true--not true.

Melanie: Okay, let's see. Today's Friday.

Daniel: Yes. Melanie: We're gonna go to the Brady pub. You're gonna order clam chowder. You're gonna turn down dessert. Then you're gonna talk me into ordering the--mmm, mmm, the brownie sundae, and then you're gonna eat all of it yourself.

Daniel: Okay, okay. You know what, I'm the dad. I comment on your life, not vice versa. Note to self, okay?

Jennifer: It's so not age appropriate to feel like this right now, and I feel like I'm a mess. And I'm a mess, aren't I? I am. Hope. Yes. Okay. You are, you're a mess. But that's why God made us cousins.

Stefano: You know, Nicole, you talking about the truth is like Mel Gibson talking about restraint.

Nicole: EJ...honey... I know you think it was love, but it was a fantasy. She's pure and good, everything I'm not, but she loves someone you fundamentally are not. I know who you are...and I'm all right with it.

EJ: Well, just so you know, I do want to be the man that she loves. Unfortunately, I'm being blackmailed into staying married to a bitch like you.

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