Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/11/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/11/11


Provided By Danielle

Vivian: Kate--where's Kate?

Gus: She has an appointment for a facial.

Vivian: Isn't that rather like sweeping the beach?

Nicole: If you're the kind of practical person who could keep books, you should know how to jump a car.

Taylor: Right. Accounting, auto mechanics-- all the same thing.

Philip: (Vivian spots Philip with Chloe at the pier and starts to badmouth Chloe) Do you remember when I had that fireplace poker in my hand? You remember when I found out you were in that coffin? Do you really want to get up in my face when we're standing next to a body of water with a swift current?

Chloe: Philip, do you want me to gather some rocks for her pockets?

Vivian: (lying about having copied the security code to sneak in) You know, this is such a silly misunderstanding. I just stopped by to chat. The door was ajar, and I--

Stefano: The door is never ajar.

Vivian: No, when it's a door, but this one was ajar.

Roman: (Roman is upset that Rafe told the new detective to pursue a lead on her own) Now, I wonder if you grasp why we put a younger detective with an older detective. You see, it's so the younger detective will get more mature and smarter, not that the older detective gets less mature and dumber.

Rafe 2: I always wondered where Sami got her love of chewing guys out.

Vivian: (to Gus) Oh, thank heavens you're all right. Oh, the mood Stefano was in, I was afraid of what he might do to you when he found out you were in Kate's closet. Find anything you liked?

Vivian: That is a wretched excuse, and I have now incurred Stefano's wrath... and I don't know anything. We have learned nothing.

Gus: That's not true. The DiMeras have a jail cell in their basement.

Vivian: Well, who doesn't?

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