Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/25/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/25/11


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Nicole: Really glad you could be here, Kate.

Kate: Thanks, I wouldn't have missed it. Hearing you and EJ exchange all kinds of vows of love and honor. I'm sure you're going to be happily married for at least a couple of weeks.

Kate: So... are you here just for the wedding, or are you going to be staying?

Taylor: Oh, that depends.

Kate: On?

Taylor: On whether or not my sister needs help with her monster-- oh, ha! [Laughing] I mean, mother-in-law.

Roman: Congrats, little brother, welcome back.

Bo: Yeah. In a funny sort of way, I'm actually looking forward to seeing you at the station in the morning.

Hope: And now we'll make things work in a new way. Oh, just don't expect me to greet you at the front door with beer and pretzels. Oh, or expect a gourmet meal. Gourmet, I don't cook so that would never work, but...

Bo: Can I expect you to bring me my slippers?

Hope: You don't wear slippers. Bo: Good point.

Abe: (to Chad) Let me say for Lexie, Theo, and Johnny, too... welcome... to our dysfunctional family.

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