Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/23/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/23/11


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: Buon giorno, Rafael. You know, there's so many reasons why we need women. Procreation, inspiration, tying these damn bow ties.

Lexie: (walking into Chez Rouge decorated for the wedding) It's beautiful.

Taylor: And so understated, just like Nicole.

Nicole: I heard that.

Chloe: You feel trapped?

Kate: Yes, yes, I do, because I know that you threw away your medicine, but you made me promise not to tell anyone else, so...

Chloe: Hello. Blackmail.

Philip: (walks in on Kate harassing Chloe) I am so surprised. It's like you ignored everything that I told you. That never happens.

EJ: Look, since I'm paying you to find her, don't you think that if I knew her name, I would have told you her name?

Ted: Sir, begging your pardon, sir, "really beautiful in a classic manner" isn't a lot to go on.

Taylor: Well, this may not be the most romantic wedding I've ever heard of. But you're gonna be one beautiful bride.

Nicole: All right. I have to tell you something. If this whole sister thing is gonna work out on any level, you can't be honest with me. Because I don't like it.

EJ: Let me get you a drink.

Chad: Uh, it's a little early.

EJ: That, my dear boy, is why they invented champagne.

Lexie: It's almost like I have a normal family.

Stefano: Well, we are a very normal family.

Chad: Right, right. Like the Addams family.

Lexie: (noticing Chad hanging out with Johnny and Theo) Hmm! Well, ha! At least some people are getting along.

Abe: [Laughing] You know, I think Johnny and Theo are the most mature people in the room.

EJ: (to Chad) This is a DiMera wedding, something always gets screwed up.

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