Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/26/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/26/11


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EJ: (letting Nicole believe her guess of a playroom was correct) Oh, and here I thought I was so good at keeping secrets.

Nicole: Oh, from Sherlock walker-DiMera? I don't think so.

Kate: Melanie, I didn't come with an agenda.

Melanie: Well, that would be a first for you.

Kate: (Kate gives Melanie Philip’s old music box he loved as a baby) I was hoping you'd like it.

Melanie: So it's got a secret potion inside, right? If I wind this thing up, it'll start controlling my thoughts?

Jennifer: (referring to his patients) They're your whole life, aren't they?

Jason: Them and--and my bowling league.

Kate: Okay. What Philip did was incredibly stupid, absolutely. But he still loves you. He wants to be the man who is there to bring you tea and crackers when you're nauseous. He wants to be rubbing your back. He wants to be wiping your brow when you're in labor. Melanie, he wants to be there for you--the man who takes over when you're exhausted by the baby. He wants to be there and love this baby and enjoy this baby and worry about this baby that the two of you created.

Melanie: That's a beautiful fairy tale that you've created. There's just one problem, Kate. It's not Melanie and Philip and a baby make three. See, there's another baby, one that's already here. So if you're trying to reunite Philip with the mother of his child, go bug Chloe.

Kate: I want you to think about something, all right? Parker... Parker is the brother to your baby.

Melanie: See, I'm having a hard enough time as it is wrapping my head around that, since for months and months and months, I thought that Parker was my little brother.

Nicole: Hey, I've been good to Sydney and Johnny. I would never do anything to hurt them.

Sami: Your existence hurts them.

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