Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/14/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/14/11


Provided By Danielle

EJ: (praying in the hospital chapel) My name is, ahem, EJ DiMera. You know that thing they say about there being no atheists in foxholes? Must be getting truer and truer.

Stefano: Yes. [Sighs] Katherine... look at me. Powerful, yes?

Kate: Oh, yes.

Stefano: And still I cannot help Giovanni. Or Elvis or Chad. [Rueful chuckle] Yeah, the great Stefano DiMera. And for those I love, there's not a damn thing I can do.

Stephanie: All I know is that things changed between me and Nathan after he was quarantined with you.

Melanie: Ooh, the old quarantine room bit. You know, that's just so me. I really know how to bring sexy to the sick room, because there's nothing like a, um, what, a hospital gown, a fever of 105, and an elevated white count to really get my mojo going! In fact, Nathan walked in there a little boy, but thanks to me, he came out a man.

Stefano: Yeah. I know that Philip is the father of Chloe's child.

Kate: And I thought I hated Sami.

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