Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/29/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/29/10


Provided By Danielle

Sami: (to Nicole) You know what? I'm not gonna stand here and take moral advice from a former porn star turned baby snatcher.

Daniel: You know, you're really good at that denial thing.

Carly: Well, I was married to Lawrence, I had to be.

Melanie: (to baby Parker) [Softly] Hi. Hi, you. Hi. Guess what? You have Philip and Carly as godparents, and me as a big sister. So I think the odds of you getting spoiled are pretty good.

Daniel: Yeah, can you say pony?

Stephanie: Look, I am enjoying first class, but I don't need it. I mean, I settled for you, didn't I?

Nathan: Oh. Nice. And a mean bride-to-be. Good combination.

Maggie: [Sighs] It must kill you to sit here and wait for the christening, isn't it? You probably want to drive the getaway car for Bo and Hope. Or at least be at work screaming at people.

Victor: Church. I hate behaving.

EJ: (walking up on Nicole) You know, I never can quite remember if talking to one's self is the first or second sign of madness.

Rafe: Sam-- Sami. Listen to me. You-- listen to me. Okay? The only reason that you haven't been arrested is because you're related to half the police force, and you're sleeping with the other half.

Caroline: (to Kayla) Well, it's, like, the Brady clan is trying to give the plagues of Egypt a run for their money.

Kayla: Really. Well, you keep telling yourself that. Because if you really believed it, you wouldn't have to go to church every single day. Because you know what, you know-- you know deep down in your heart that this is wrong.

Caroline: Okay. How about this? You stay here and be perfect, and I'll have another talk with God because he actually listens.

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