Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/26/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/26/10


Provided By Danielle

Maggie: Hmm, well, since I drove all the way over here to see if you were all right... can I ask another question, and maybe get an answer?

Victor: I'll think about it.

Brady: (walks in on Maggie and Victor in the mausoleum) Oh, uh... sorry, am I interrupting?

Vivian: (still in her casket and watching the monitor) [Thinking] Yes, you are, you neurotic, drunken fool. And I've never been more happy to see you.

Brady: (Maggie makes a quick exit) I'm very sorry I walked in on you two.

Victor: Oh, don't worry about it. Maybe you can get romantic when there's a live woman in a coffin a few feet away, but me... I find it a little hard to concentrate.

Victor: (telling Brady that they must keep Vivian in the coffin) Vivian has already made her terms clear. We let her out, she comes back from her "trip," and resumes her position as my wife. Either that or she goes public with what we've done to her. In which case, we'd be put off Maggie permanently, the two of us.

Vivian: [Thinking] I don't know what's more nauseating--the toxic fumes or this conversation.

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