Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/11/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/11/10


Provided By Danielle

Victor: So big day's finally arrived, huh?

Daniel: A happy wedding, should be a learning experience for you.

Victor: Well, I'll come over and take notes on the first anniversary. If there is one.

Hope: (a prisoner comes into the infirmary in severe pain) I know it's bad. Hang in there, okay? It'll be okay. Gonna be okay. We're gonna get you help, and you're gonna feel much better. I promise.

April: Where'd you learn to be so sweet?

Hope: I'm a mother.

Victor: I am your godfather. I promised to look out for you.

Daniel: Yeah, you also promised to renounce the devil. Can't believe struck by lightning.

Melanie: Are you trying to play me? Like you did my dad? Like you and my mom both did my dad? Because, let me tell you something, you really, really did a number on him. That's pretty. (grabbing the necklace around Chloe’s neck) He gave you this because he loves you so much. Right? What did you give him back? Herpes?

Chloe: Well, kind of has to be this way. It's bad enough Daniel finding out I had a one-night stand with some guy I just met, but if he knew it was you...

Philip: Might find out how good he is with a scalpel. The hard way.

Daniel: (Daniel doesn’t want Victor’s negativity at the wedding so Victor decides to give Daniel his wedding present early) Think I hear it ticking.

Victor: (describing the sentimentally behind Daniel’s wedding gift) …this has been in the Kiriakis family for generations. It's a depiction of Hera, goddess of marriage. An inspired choice for the title. She married her brother, who was unfaithful to her. She turned one of his girlfriends into a cow. Kept the Trojan War going. Just an all around great housewife.

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