Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/4/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/4/10


Provided By Danielle

Roman: File a complaint. But right now, I am the lead investigator.

[EJ chuckling]

Stefano: (Hope is still in jail for the sleeping pill induced muggings) Hope Brady was not available, right?

Justin: (Victor is getting on his case because Vivian hasn’t signed the divorce papers) That man...he makes Henry VIII sound reasonable.

Adrienne: Well, let's see. Henry the VIII had six wives, so...Victor's catching up.

Vivian: (Brady imagines that Vivian is lying in bed with him and Nicole) Hello. Unless you're planning on spending the rest of your life in bed with Nicole... you're still in a lot of trouble. I'm still here.

Brady: Oh...oh! My God, that was the worst visual ever.

EJ: I understand the risk, Father, but I need to buy some time.

Stefano: How much time do you think you can buy? Your line of credit isn't very good, you know.

Nicole: Oh, uh, Henderson. Have you seen Brady?

Henderson: No. And you'd better hope Mr. Kiriakis doesn't see you.

Nicole: I'm not afraid of Victor anymore.

Henderson: Then you're an idiot.

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