Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/12/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/12/10


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Chloe: Hey. I was just getting ready to leave.

Nicole: Yeah, could you wait a little while? I need a friend and I think you're the only one I have left.

Nathan: Oh. Okay, look, yes. Yes, Melanie will always be special to me. I mean, she was the first woman I ever really loved. But I'm with Stephanie now and I love her.

Maggie: Okay. I can see that you mean that. Thank goodness. I mean, you are so dear to me and so is Melanie. I'd hate to have to beat the tar out of the both of you.

Nicole: So, uh... here we both are drinking... in the middle of the day. Wouldn't it be healthier if we drank together?

Rafe: Sure. And why not? Bartender... give the lady whatever she wants.

Nicole: Wow, "the lady." No one's called me that in a long time.

Chloe: (Melanie tries to share what happened at the consult but Chloe keeps cutting her off) You know what? I don't really think that you should be talking about that. That's some poor woman's private business. Actually, I really do have to go, so I'm sorry.

Melanie: (after Chloe’s gone) You better start telling people you're pregnant or they're gonna just think you're a bitch.

Nicole: Uh, so, wait, wait. Shouldn't we make a toast?

Rafe: To what?

Nicole: I don't know. The future or something.

Rafe: To the future. May it not suck as much as the present.

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