Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/11/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/11/10


Provided By Danielle

Vivian: (to Henderson) I know he's devastated, but he should not be alone. He should be coming to me, his wife, to share his grief with his soul mate.

Brady: (just walking in) Yeah, 'cause you're such a source of comfort, aren't ya?

Vivian: I know you have a constitutional right to be a petulant child, but must you express it in front of servants?

Brady: Vivian, bite me.

Sami: Look, Will, I don't mind if we fight, but I hate the passive-aggressive thing.

Will: Well, I kind of hate you acting like what I think matters, when it obviously doesn’t.

Will: You know what, mom, I'm gonna be honest with you.

Sami: Good.

Will: You have never put your kids first before. Do not start now.

Vivian: I know you don't like that Victor married me.

Brady: Well, I don't think he does, either.

Victor: That is nonsense, Bo. This is not your fault.

Bo: Yeah, it is.

Victor: It's Carly's fault.

Bo: One thing I can say about you, you're consistent.

Sami: Will, EJ and I are compatible.

Will: So are Dwight and Angela.

Sami: Huh?

Will: (referring to the TV show) The Office?

Sami: No. No, thanks. I think I need some time all alone. Wow, if you really want to be all alone, maybe you shouldn't get married.

EJ: (After Bo has threatened harm if EJ retaliates against Hope) I thought my relationship was strange.

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